Translation review: [FFF] Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb 01

Last in line is FFF’s release.

There are a few points where I’m not exactly sure about the lyrics, but until the official’s released, I’ll just say that FFF’s translated the Japanese they heard well. (The last line’s ktiming seems broken to me by the way.)

They’re tapping phone lines, just trying to eavesdrop on the next room. I’d say “bug” would work here better both meaning- and length-wise.

Pun lost, but at least it sounds okay in English.

She made up the story, so “She just wants to go…” or something like that would be better. “I bet” feels off.

Localization done right. However, they left the Korean greeting in the next line, which is just weird considering how they handled the Okinawan half.

I really like it how they handled this sentence.

The localization in this release is inconsistent at best. It feels like they couldn’t decide how much to do it, so at points (like at this point) the localized and unlocalized versions of the same phrase show up right after each other.

Love this line.

I’m very impressed that they did the ending with karaoke.

Conclusion: Great

A nice translation. Personally I like this release’s editing the best, but while the style is quite consistent, localization isn’t (I smirked at the “sashimi rice bowl” part).

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