(Project) K 01 – notes and the like

Over a year has passed since I last worked on a one-letter show – remember [C]? I’m still not sure how I felt about that show, so I had some likewise mixed expectations for K. There are some really funny similarities. Because of the uncertainty regarding whether it’d get simulcasted or not, I translated the first episode for Commie, just to discover the Viz stream online when I was done with it already. I had to get some sleep at that time (6am), but someone supposedly used the simulcast script to check the translation. (As it’s simulcast, I won’t bother reviewing the translations.)

Judging from when these names appear and how they appear, one would think it’s some kind of a staffroll, but actually no: those are the names of the main characters.

The first thing I noticed what that it’s pretty. In general it gives off the vibe that the studio has insane amounts of money to animate the show. The second thing I noticed was that I’m two minutes in the anime (the opening is later), and not a single word was spoken yet.

And even when they start talking, it’s in English. There are subs for English lines too, because let’s be honest, the English pronunciation of Japanese voice actors… isn’t the best.

It’s the name of their organization. They slap the kanji 吠舞羅 (howl, dance and silk) on the pronunciation of 焔 (homura, flame). The actor says “Homura” in the English sentence, but hell, Howling Flame sounds so much cooler.

I decided to with King for 王権者 (oukensha, royalty). Sanctum is apparently the name of their powers.

Those are the names I typed in by hearing. They overlap, so it wasn’t easy. According to Viz, they’re Akiyama, Benzai, Kamo, Domyouji, Enomoto, Fuse, Gotou and Hidaka. I don’t know why they weren’t updated.

The opening was very challenging.

It’s so pretty…

I think it’s saying 成敗 (seibai), “judgment” or “punishment”. These cleaning robots are all little Marvins. They’re gloomy and angry. At least that was my impression. According to Viz, later they’re saying “You’re too kind.” Might be.

There should be a line here saying “You again?!”

That’s Neko (Cat) for you.

The signs running up the walls say “Five days until the school fair!”

Syaibu is a reference to Shibuya, Tokyo (one of my favorite spots in Tokyo actually). They just mixed the letters. The place resembles Shibuya, there are a bunch of references to real shops, even the Starbucks on the second floor looking over the crossing.

He was about to eat a bowl of ramen noodles.

He’s “writing” a haiku poem. (Thus no ending period.)

It can’t be a coincidence. Shizuo is in K.

I can almost hear the fujoshi of the world squeal in joy.

According to Viz and the wiki, it’s spelled Miwa.

According to Viz, his name is Tatara.

Apparently the Kings have colors. Most do, at least.

Let me guess: it’ll turn out that the Colorless King got split into Yashiro and Neko somehow. Well, at least this way we have lovely marketing materials. Anyway, I’m kinda glad I won’t have to work on it from next week.

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