Translation review: [URW] Chuunibyou 01

UTW and Rori working together on this show. This shouldn’t be bad…

Now really? I expected some punny-funny translation for it, and all I get is a lame dodge. Too bad.

The URW’s release is pregnant. Probably. At least it’s missing a period.

I couldn’t really focus on the lyrics because my head started to hurt, but I trust the URW guys to be able to handle this song. A few lines around the end of it are misplaced though, making them even harder to read.

Onii-chan left untranslated. I don’t mind, and it must give all those little sister complex guys out there hell of a boner. Okaa-san is translated to Mom though.

That’s a literal translation of the eye’s name for you. It must me difficult to stuff it in sentences like “my Tyrant’s Eye of Truth sees all” – who’s her tyrant then?

Now I’m nitpicking, but a whole “thank you” here for her casual ありがと (arigato’) is just too formal.

I guess you get what he means, but the concept of the “red string of fate” doesn’t exist in the west outside of the anime community.

Seems like I’m not the only one who just had to stuff an “eons” in the script.

This sounds so awkward.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Eye that controls darkness using the power of a pure heart.

As I wrote earlier: who’s her tyrant?

It’s way too long for what he’s saying.

Yep, that’s how it looks when translated literally.

He is? I thought he was going back. Or going ahead.

Let me paraphrase that soul line: that’s a lot of “represent”.

Talk about weird coincidences. Let me make it clear: I don’t have anything to do with the URW release.

Literal translations for you. Honestly, it sounds boring. Not to mention “unseen” isn’t really right either: if they’re administering it no one having seen it would be weird at least, wouldn’t it? Something more along the lines of “invisible” maybe.

Again a literal translation.

The ending translation’s okay too.

Conclusion: Great

This is the point where I want to introduce a liberal-literal scale the way 8thSin did back in the day. When comparing scripts on the level of gg’s and URW’s Chuunibyou releases, that’s pretty much all the difference there is. It’s not something I can rate objectively, as preference of liberalness is a matter of taste. If there’s a center point on the liberal-literal scale, then URW’s release is about twice as far in the literal direction from it than gg’s is in the liberal direction. It’s literal, a bit too much for my tastes, but the translation is accurate (with only a few minor bugs).

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6 thoughts on “Translation review: [URW] Chuunibyou 01

  1. well, i dont mind the japanese terminology like onii chan or red string of fate, but other than that i pretty much agree with you

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