Chuunibyou 01 – notes and the like

Here we are, a new season started and the first episode that I actually translated is Episode I of Chuunibyou de mo Koi ga Shitai (internally translated as “I’m twelve and autistic, but I wanna get laid” among others). I translate the show for gg, and though the first episode isn’t without faults, it’s definitely a steady release.

In the end we decided to go with “eighth-grader syndrome” for 中二病 (chuunibyou). It’s explained here in the beginning anyway.

Actually throughout the episode he varies it, for example saying “perish” (死ね shine, die instead of 消えろ kiero, vanish).

At the age of fourteen, his powers awaken, and he leaves on a journey. On the way, he must constantly battle the assaults of evil organizations wanting the power of the Dark Dragon, and the reincarnations of his past enemies. The fate he shoulders is—

Dragon spikes made from the horns of the dragon he kills in episode one.

The people who actually worked on it just call the opening “the seizure op”. I was lucky enough that fnord did the opening, so I only checked it once. That saved me from permanent brain damage. The fingerspin and ass-shake parts of it are probably the most viewed gifs of the day.

For a moment here I was afraid this is Hyouka season 2.

I’m taking a liberal stance in this show in order to emphasize the characters’… characters.

Japanese clearly have the advantage here, because they can make whole (and not to mention extremely faggish) phrases just by stacking kanji together, while in English a literal translation would turn into a whole sentence. That’s the case with the eye in the title. 邪王真眼 (jaoushingan) would literally translate to “the all-seeing eye of the evil king”, but that’s just impossible to fit in the dialog, so I decided to go with Wicked Eye.

The first time I hhnngghhd in this episode.

Let me make it clear at this point: I haven’t read the novels and I doubt I will. His junior high wasn’t mentioned in any resource I could quickly find, so I just put what I heard at first – my university has a campus in Ishiyama too. It might be Shichiyama as in other releases.

But watching the episode again, I’m quite sure the city is based off the real Ishiyama. The bridge, the area around the station, the parks… Yeah, it’s all very familiar. According to the wiki, they used the scenery in and around the city of Otsu (of which the Ishiyama area is a part of).

Probably everyone else’s too.

He refers to the East Asian concept of the “red strings of fate” connecting people.

Yeah, I wonder how it’d feel if a girl confessed to me like that.

Does the “eons” give it away? Lovecraft reference intended.

She literally says “dark organization”, but that didn’t sound faggish enough.

The first time I laughed out loud watching this episode.

I consider “warlock” to be the coolest word there is for a magic user.

Second hhnngghh.

Two things that I want to fix here. First: not Deep Horizon, but Hidden Horizon. I thought that fukashi was 深し (deep), while it’s 不可視 (invisible). I’m not sure about the Hidden Horizon translation yet – I’ll come up with something faggish enough until next week. Second: the principles of the Hidden Horizon’s distortions. Word missing for some reason.

Second time I laughed.

The three words she says (霊魂 reikon, 魂 tamashii and soulmate) all have “soul” in them.

Swap the signs.

That gesture means “homosexual” in Japan.

“Overseer” sounds a lot cooler than “Management Bureau”, while retaining the point of the 管理局 (kanrikyoku).

I had to watch this scene again to believe it: she’s entering the Konami Code.

It sounds totally as “shoot” to me, but knowing how the Japanese love to rape foreign pronunciation, it might as well be Schwarzschild.

He’s such a tsundere.

The ending wasn’t easy, but I think I tackled it (again with assistance).


It’s a fun show with lots of childish faggotry, but that just makes it even funnier. Judging from how the girls are emphasized in both the opening and the ending animation, it’ll probably turn into Denpa Onna season two. I wouldn’t mind.

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11 thoughts on “Chuunibyou 01 – notes and the like

  1. Great job, keep up the good works!
    Speaking of “eight-grader”, It reminds me of shinji from NGE.
    inb4 中二病 translated as “emo kids”

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