Translation review: [UTW] Shinsekai Yori 01

This line made me smirk.

It’s not as good as Commie’s “faze cat” but it’s quite good.

That’s some cool typesetting there.

Temple of Purity sounds so general, but hell, that’s what it’s called. The Holy Barrier translation is okay too.

The names all get translated, and I like that. They have meanings and understanding them gives you a fuller image of the series’ world.

I don’t know how obvious the meaning of Cantus is at first sight – it’s the name for the psychokinesis (magic) they use. I have qualms about calling a magical power a “worldly desire” though – I’d rather call it a worldly shackle or something like that (as seen on the next line).

No translation for the background voices here.


I still don’t know. Could be a soda ad.

Lotus after the Lotus Sutra. I’m okay with this.

Translations for 悪鬼 and 業魔. Personally if “fiend” is good enough for akki, I’d go with something like “wraith” for gouma. Karma Demon preserves the literal meaning of the kanji though.

This makes it sound like he wanted to lead the fiend to the village, while that’s not the case here.

There are four people shouting at once, so I can understand why this is missing, but Commie did it.

The ending translation is okay.

Conclusion: Great

That “took” line, the phrasing in that fiend scene line and the two scenes with hard-to-hear lines missing are the only things I can complain about. The translation is steady and it’s edited very smooth.

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4 thoughts on “Translation review: [UTW] Shinsekai Yori 01

  1. About the soda ad, LOL:

    Well, I’m hearing something along the lines misogi wo nushi ni (at first I misheard it as 禊を内に), which does not make much sense to me — maybe something along the lines of “to the master of the purification ceremony (i.e. head priest)”, which does not fit much within the context. I’m pretty sure about the 禊 part though, therefore I’m inclined to believe that UTW’s version is closer than commie’s to the original meaning…

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