Translation review: [Hadena] Binbougami ga! 06

I have no idea why Hadena decided to release the sixth episode of Binbougami, but if they did so, time to have some fun reviewing it.

Cool typesetting there.

I’m not watching the show so I don’t know what he’s referring to, but こき使う (kokitsukau) means to overwork someone, and definitely not what the line says.

No. They’re just waiting for him now to bring the box.

Considering that the show has the Japanese lyrics shown on-screen, I find it really amusing that they still had to steal gg’s translation.

Oh god, this show is horrible even without Hadena making it even worse.

Oh seven hells, are you serious?! This expression (朝飯前 asameshimae) literally does mean “before breakfast”, but if you looked up it in a dictionary, you’ll find that it also means “easy as a pie”. Obviously he’s using it in the latter sense here.

More like, “Can you imagine just how sad they’d be if you died?!”

Ugh, and here I was getting my hopes up… For a few minutes the translation wasn’t horrible (only the English), but here… Please someone, just let it end. “I’ve had a crush on Ryuta all along and I wanted to get closer to him…”

Turtle for her soup, to warm her heart. The next line’s got nothing to do what’s being said either. Campione? What the hell? He says この人でなし!いや、神でなし! which is a pun and would translate literally to “You’re inhumane! I mean, indivine!” They follow the manga almost literally, so I don’t know why would anyone make mistakes like this.

My heart is wants this episode to end already.

No. Just no. Her point is it was easier handling her when she was lively.

Do you know the phrase “shock treatment”? It might be wise to use it here.

Are you even trying? This whole scene is horrible. None of the tone gets through, probably it’s just a guesslation – only the context is obvious so it’s easy to write stuff that fits in.

No. And this is written clearly on screen. “It’s pretty much just the usual.”

Thinking about it isn’t the point. She just doesn’t know how to handle it.

Uh… But it even has his address on it.

“Sorry for all the trouble” or something, at least try to make sense.

Useful vocab: 正月元旦 (shougatsu-gantan), New Year’s Day.

I was surprised that the ending translation isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. (Or at all.) Guess what: it’s from gg.

Conclusion: Avoid

Dear Hadena, this show (and apparently the English (and Japanese) language) is obviously beyond you. Don’t even bother.

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3 thoughts on “Translation review: [Hadena] Binbougami ga! 06

  1. Yeah, about that…. I think it was meant for pure trolling purposes. By now ofcourse most people are aware of it though, just thought I might let the ones that weren’t aware of things get the meaning behind it.

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