Script Review: [gg] Binbougami ga! – 01

Hello, I’m back from the dead to give you another script review. Blame Vale. This is likely to be the last one because reviews are a waste of time, and no one takes my advice because anime viewers are stupid. As stupidly horrible a certain incompetent fansubber’s reviews are, it’s not worth wasting my time. But enough about that. Let’s get this over with…

I like Xythar’s editing style and the effort he puts into releases, but our tastes are wholly incompatible. The same goes for gg. I don’t think I’ve watched any show they’ve fully subbed… ever. Still, I suppose I’ll have to review this release eventually.

+ Opening and ending translation and romaji (the kanji is hardsubbed)

+ Name order: ??

– No honorifics

I don’t know who calls it that, but okay, if you say so. Fuckin’ Japan. Also, the dialogue style is shitty.


“I’ve come to turn you into a normal person.”

“I’ve come to make you normal again.”

“I’m here to make you a normal person again.”

Something like that.

“Make you into” isn’t standard or common.

An example of natural dialogue from the protagonist. Blah, blah, there’s not much to say when I don’t really like this show to begin with.

Sup, Casshern?

Once again, I appreciate the attempt at natural dialogue with “gonna.” Surprisingly few translations or editors, both fans and professionals, use that style of dialogue for whatever reason.

Good line. It has the perfect subtle tone for the situation.

Aha… Ahaha. No.

“It’s all your fault!” “You’re the one who hurt Suwano!” or something.


Very nice.

What I liked:

Mostly natural dialogue. Cool puns. I can’t say they were funny, though, because Japanese people have a horrible sense of humor.

+ Several excellent lines

+ Good dialogue

+ Oh so punny

What I didn’t like:

Maybe I don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to these things, but I thought the swearing way too excessive. Yes, the characters are supposed to be crude, but there are ways of expressing that without resorting to dropping a bunch of F-bombs on the Japanese. There were a few excellently timed F-bombs, but their impact was muddled by the sea of “fucks” being casually dropped when they really didn’t need to be. There were also many creative lines, but every time a misplaced “fuck” showed up, I just cringed and forgot about the previously awesome line(s).

And I also can’t emphasize this enough. The dialogue font is horrible.

– Stop using “fuck” so much

– A few poor lines

– Dialogue font

Overall Rating: 4 cataclysms… out of 5.

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9 thoughts on “Script Review: [gg] Binbougami ga! – 01

  1. since there is only 1 group translating Binbougami its kinda meaningless to do any review. I mean what other choice do we have than watch it anyway?

  2. > I don’t know who calls it that, but okay, if you say so. Fuckin’ Japan. Also, the dialogue style is shitty.

    Wasn’t it because Japan was created by Izanami and Izanagi, hence it was called the land of the gods? I believe those two had given birth to numerous gods as well. At least, that’s what I recall from some excerpts of the Kojiki, which lists the Japanese mythology.

    • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of when I read the line, but it made it seem like everyone knows this, even though I had never heard it called that before. I was just joking with the commentary, anyway. Except the dialogue style. That’s actually shitty.

    • Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the specifics after I passed that class a semester ago, but the basic answer is what Chrouya said. Shinto honors many, many things as kami, since the definition is so broad (not to be confused with named gods like Izanami and Amaterasu; waterfalls and stuff are “kami” because of their majesty, not because a deity lives in them), which is part of the reason too. Humans were considered kami as well, so in that sense Japan really was a land populated by gods. I think the biggest reason the phrase is used, though, is because of this (Japanese) writer that wrote about Japan’s history for Westerners to read, and he tended to embelish. A lot.
      This concludes my lecture you didn’t ask for.

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