Translation review: [WhyNot] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

One more left… (Advance notice: although it’s WhyNot, I didn’t translate this release. Rekyu did.)

WhyNot‘s the first group to actually get the meaning of this line right.

It’s 2 million yen. That’s twenty grand in dollars. Translating money is going a bit too far I’d say…

I’d say Katahira’s name is quite relevant here…

I really like how the opening is styled. The translation is okay too.

The translation isn’t exactly poetic, but it works.

This line is wonderful, unlike the previous one, which is terribly awkward and unnatural.

First release where the subs for this scene were actually funny. Props.

The name’s such an effort, I’m not gonna check word-for-word if this is okay. Seems good enough. Sweetopus is a good translation too.

It’s not hilarious, but at least it makes sense. I don’t know if I could do better than this.

Typo. Her name is Morishita.

This is a good, easy to understand, well-phrased, correct translation.

The timing for these lines make them quite difficult if not impossible to read. Too bad.

These sentences are significantly rearranged (meaning what’s being said at a moment doesn’t match the line shown), but the translation is correct and easy to understand.

The ending’s okay too.

Conclusion: Great

WhyNot’s release is a good choice to watch. The translation is steady, and except for a few awkward English lines and timing bugs, the script flows really well too.

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