Translation review: [UTWoots] Sword Art Online 04

So as I’m catching up with this series now to get in context for translating it, I’ll be reviewing releases along the way. (Crunchyroll’s can be considered a safe bet translation-wise, I won’t look at that or simulcast edits for now.) UTWoots apparently used their own translation for episode four and on, so that’ll be the first.

Oh I so know that feel.

I still think it’s weird to call this a “dungeon” but whatever.

This line made me laugh. Well, you might wonder why I’m not commenting on anything in particular, but the reason is simple: there’s nothing. This release is how it’s meant to be done.

I’ll assume “col” is the currency of the world.

Conclusion: Great

I expected at least a few more derps, but seriously, this release is as good as it gets. Easily as good and accurate as a simulcast edit, only a bit slower. A good choice for sure.

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