Translation review: [Pomf] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

At last comes the cooperation of FFFPeeps and rori. Let’s see how they did. (The expectations are high.)


I’d even point out that the clipping is off at a few points and it flashes, if I couldn’t predict that Sutai would going wild in the comments about how it’s my player’s fault (which it probably is).



This is good too.

Their lines here don’t sound nearly as over-dramatic as they should.

Actually made me laugh.

First, in English people don’t refer to themselves by their names. Second, good job translating “Ametako”.

A bit forced, but funny.

This way it sounds like the leak isn’t connected to the investigation – it was the investigation’s data that got leaked.

This line is way too long for the time it’s got. The translation is okay, but what’s it worth if you can’t read it?

Good one.


Conclusion: Great

They lived up to my expectations. There are only a few editing and timing derps, but nothing significant. A good choice to watch.

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