Translation review: [NyanTaku] Sword Art Online 05

Next up is NyanTaku. As a sister project of EveTaku, I have high expectations for them.

I appreciate it that they changed “repop” to “respawn”.

I don’t know if this is an official translation or what (UTWoots used it too), but it’s definitely weird. The point is not that it’s “inner area”, but that it’s “inside the area” (the safe zone).

Good job handling shikatanai (one of the most troublesome phrases to translate).


I don’t like honorifics, but hell, if that’s your way…


The script in general sounds really natural, which is an achievement considering how unnatural the whole setting is.


Now we know that it’s spelled Yolko.

Conclusion: Great

As expected. Steady translation with good flow. A safe choice.

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6 thoughts on “Translation review: [NyanTaku] Sword Art Online 05

  1. So… whose releases are better? UTW or Nyantaku?
    UTW releases a lot faster, so I’m guessing their translator is more efficient/experienced…

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