Translation review: [m.3.3.w] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

Moving on…


Finally a group that can translate simple sentences.

Not too flashy karaoke and a good translation.

Some lines in the insert song don’t really make sense, but it’s still a passing grade.

I think the “abracadabra” the other groups put in here was very fitting. This is just boring.

This made me laugh. Good.

While in Japanese it’s acceptable (though childish) if someone refers to themselves by their name, in English it is not. They did a good job translating the robot’s “name” though.

TL note: umachin is short for “delicious dick”. Could’ve just put some effort in it and make up a likewise perverted abbreviation.

Apparently this joke is just beyond fansubbers.

It’s not about being greedy. It’s her “mania” or “fixation” or something else that means she’s just being picky.

This is how it’s done. “Honorable” might be a bit of an overkill though, they’re all students after all.

I appreciate that you translated the signs, but isn’t it on the wrong layer?

Yep, this is good too.

Will do.

Conclusion: Okay

m.3.3.w’s release is quite steady. There are a few weird translation bugs and in general the English doesn’t flow all so well, but it’s definitely watchable.

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