Translation review: [Hadena] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

Let’s pick up where I left off.

I actually like this line. A promising beginning for a Hadena release.

I don’t know why would you put an effort into typesetting this, considering how utterly irrelevant it is. At least they took herkz’s advice to use blur – and then use it too much. They somehow managed to miss that the door leads to the roof though. Considering the amount of text on the plate (turn subs off to see it), leaving that out is an achievement. ({\be1}The clipping when she passes in front of it is simply horrible.)

世も末 (yo mo sue) is a phrase that can be used literally translated: “the world is ending”. The subs are totally wrong.

Nice dodge there. She says Katahira’s group is going down.

I won’t even start pointing out all the mistakes in the lyrics. Not only the opening, but the insert song and the ending as well. Are you even trying?

How can you mishear morning practice (朝練 asaren) as train? How? (Please remember: this show has closed captions, so mishearing stuff is out of question.)

Actually these few minutes of “normal” dialog were quite well done. Kind of a surprise.

Dodge again. I can kind of understand it, because that robot has a crazy long name.

This totally kills the joke. The phrase for “retort” also means “stick in”, which in this context is an obvious source of humor.

Considering she’s going to pick up a pitcher of beer, “cup” might not be your ideal choice of words here.

She says he shouldn’t worry, she won’t get fired for this. I hope Hadena’s “translator” will.

I expected the translation’s quality to plummet at the meeting scene, but to think they’d mess up one of the first (and simplest) sentences… (This should be “Take responsibility!” or something along those lines.)

Even if you don’t have access to the captions, it’s clearly audible that he says Oosawa, the name of the person he’s talking about.

This is a total and utter guesslation. They understood a few words and made up something that might be what he’s saying. Too bad it’s not even close. This applies to most of the sentences during the meeting: some words are there, but in general they have nothing to do with what’s being said. If you can’t understand this level of formal Japanese (not even with captions), please don’t translate.

I don’t know, are you even trying? As soon as someone says anything even just a tad more complicated than basic smalltalk, the translation collapses.

A problem of nuan— No, actually this is worse than that.

Conclusion: Avoid

Sad to say, the result is as expected. I had my hopes up during the smalltalk dialog, but Hadena performed as usual. Half their subs have nothing to do with what’s being said, and even the rest is full of textbook examples of horrible editing. I’d rather wait a week for another release than watch this.

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10 thoughts on “Translation review: [Hadena] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

  1. >(Please remember: this show has closed captions, so mishearing stuff is out of question.)
    Hadena don’t have access to them because they reencode share raws. I wish I was fucking joking.

  2. lol, do you even know guys what it takes to sub an anime? it takes out your time, trying to be good on translating so fans won’t be mislead, uploading time, they seed it for fans of the show, how many GB’s already have you downloaded so far that their still seeding it, internet connection, shows like Koichoco, SAO are basically airing on midnight, they tend to stay awake just for the sake of the fans waiting for the show, yeah it’s true, they have a lot of mistakes, but I’ve seen worse with other groups, think again, this blog is shit pointing out mistakes, it/he/she even watch things from other groups just to criticize o.O, that’s some hobby, wasting time on something not really important, go watch it raw!

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