Sword Art Online 06 – notes and the like

Why do simulcasts have to randomly delay stuff, just so that I have to translate whole episodes without knowing what the hell is going on?

I actually grabbed the relevant book in the novel series, and it’s written clearly (in the Latin alphabet) as Yolko. The same goes for Kains too, though midway this episode’s story there is s scene (missing from the anime) where his name’s spelling is revealed to be Caynz.

I know this is Sword Art Online, but why did she draw her sword?

Why do all writers have to force this detective mystery thing? It’s not so easy to write it well, and they all quite clearly fail badly.

Literally the Hill of the Cross.

I have qualms about this kind of mysteries, but at least this one fits the environment perfectly.

I’d bet my virginity on it.

Did she seriously not realize that she’s still on her friends list? Seriously? Also this scene features a part of her friends list on screen, useful reference for official spellings in case you don’t have the novels.

Any more questions? (It must be hell of a poison to knock out a poison-resistant level 74 tank…)

I didn’t even realize what I wrote for this line could be ambiguous. The point isn’t that they still have them, but that Grimlock made them.

“He wasn’t opposing your plan for Griselda’s sake.” (It was for another reason.) Editor-san, why?

I don’t really get the flow of this anime. In the novel too she’s always mentioning marriage and stuff, but this story is in the eighth sin book, almost the latest part of the story as it is now.

Oh my, what an amazing joke.

Oh my god, what a twist!

I like it how this guy thinks.

This is good for the dramatic effect, but seriously, what the fuck?


As I said, I was totally out of context for this episode. I’ve only seen the first episode for SAO before translating this, and I couldn’t catch up before airtime (mostly because I was asked to do it only a few hours before it aired).

“That robe was Griselda’s!”

攻略組 (kouryaku-gumi) is what I translated as “assault team” here, and it means the people in the first line of battle (“front-liners”, “clearing group” or whatever it’s called in other scripts).

I thought “Red” was a person’s name, but it’s the player killers’ designation. You know, normal players are green, criminals are orange and player killers are red.

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8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online 06 – notes and the like

  1. My friend said a friend he knew said the anime sucks in comparison to the light novel. This episode was the worst by far, but still entertaining for me, while things were steadily walking downhill and sometimes uphill and back again for the past 6 episodes, would you say the anime is a bad disappointment?

    One other reason I watch is the asuna, the fight scenes and the weird villains (also doubt IRL PK’ers like this would exist given the consequences) and the ensuing get-your-ass-whooped-by-kirito moment.

    Also the sachi.

    • As I pointed out, this was totally out of context for me. I haven’t read the novels nor watched the series past episode one. The concept looks good, but I guess it suffers from the basic problem that the writer invented a good world, but couldn’t invent a story good enough to match the scale.

  2. This arc is in the 8th novel series because it’s a side story

    and when i read this chapter in the LN i didn’t like it too
    it’s trying too hard to be a mystery (and fails too)

  3. “I’d bet my virginity on it.”
    Just curious, was the translator on crack or that really was the correct line?

    It feels plausible, considering Asuna talks about marriage and stuff.. she might be quiet eager to lose it. Maybe a covert way to ask for it?

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