Typesetting review: Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse typesetting review

Groups:Commie, Hadena, Warui



(not me)

>sign uses a generic serif font
>typesetting uses a generic sans serif font

If you wanna be lazy, you could just add more blur to the border… but making it two layers would probably look much better.

Missed a layer there.

Does this even have any blur?

wtf is this

Uh, well…

Nice job with the effect, but it looks pretty shitty otherwise.

See above.

Wrong color, bad font, etc.

See above.

I dunno how you see this and think, “Yeah, the font I’m using matches.”

Only one layer, wrong color.

The only good sign so far.


See above.



Font choice is as bad as Commie.


I wasn’t sure if Hadena could do a worse job than Commie at this, but it turns out they can.


See above.


Bad font, bad Mocha, bad times.

See above.

Probably the best typesetting they did, but for some mysterious reason it has a border.

The original font is not rounded, wtf.

These look awful.

Sweet timing.

See above.

One layer, wrong colors, etc.

Wrong color.


See above.

I think this sums up Hadena as a group. The QC credits are covered up by the title typesetting. The irony is too strong.


Ironically, the worst group has the best font choices.

I’m not gonna screenshot all of these because they’re all terribly timed and have no fades.

This is like, almost good.

I don’t even.


Herp derp.



Commie: C-. Terrible font choices and pretty lazy work overall. Unfortunately, there’s no hard signs here to ruin.

Hadena: D-. Shit. Not sorted by time.

Warui: F. Best fonts, but so bad otherwise.

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