Typesetting review: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Jintai typesetting review

Groups:Asenshi, Commie, Doki



Episode 2

Top layer should have more blur. Font could be better. The gradient covers the entire width of the original sign but the typesetting is not as wide so it looks kinda weird.

Good clipping at least.

See above.

The “Clang” doesn’t blend in at all…

Nor does this “Bang”.

Nice that they did this, but it needs more blur.

The colors in the gradient are just… way off. Also, the border should be much darker.

More blur please. Also, not much point in doing this since it’s hard to read and they show it straight on in the next 5 seconds.

Font’s not very good.

This part’s fine.

Please use 2 layers or I will put you in the trash bin.

Dunno why they did these. They look bad and the sign moves past far too quickly to read.

These should have a border as well.


See the top of this review.

About 20 of these signs look like this. I have no idea why.

The rest look like this, which is good.

wtf no

No idea why this sign isn’t Mocha’d. Also, terrible font.

Dunno why the border doesn’t have blur this time.

Episode 3

Wow, the “Pow” part is really fucking bad. The other part of the sign is fine.

Bad font choice.


The Mocha is really awful for all of these signs (ignoring the font).

Why are all the colors wrong. Also, blur plz.

This is just… really bad.

Should be 2 layers. The fade in/blur in is not copied very well either (probably because they didn’t use 2 layers).

Sweet timing, bros.

Guess they’re really lazy.

Just fades in then is done really poorly. Hit that one out of the park, Asenshi.

Two in a row! Nice!

jk three

Colors are wrong. Needs more blur.

Might want some blur there.

These are fine.

Only one layer 😦

Awful font choice. Not enough blur.

Nice that you did these signs, but they look really quite bad without blur.

This is quite good. Not sure why the other versions of this sign don’t look like this.

It has enough blur this time!

This doesn’t, though 😦

Sweet colors.

Only one layer. The tracking on this part is off too.

Lack of moving the origin for this rotation means it looks quite bad.

The size/location for this one doesn’t really match above.

To Be Typeset Incorrectly

See episode 2.

Might want to invest in some blur.



Episode 2

Color’s a little off.

No comment.

Border should be darker.

The correct kind of font for these signs.

Forgot to fix this for the v2 which has different colors. Oh well.


Colors are off here too.

I like Asenshi’s font better, but at least I didn’t try to blur them and do a terrible job.

Episode 3

See episode 2.

I doubt there is a better font.

These are all good.

The font for “Camphorwood” could be better (but who doesn’t love Lt Finnegan?).

The border could probably be a tad bigger.

Color’s a little off.

These lagged with 2 layers, unfortunately. They still look decent though.



Font could be way better.

Looks to be about the same size from all angles.



Episode 2

One layer, terrible font, cool trans—

Jesus Christ, Doki.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the typesetter was thinking.

You should definitely be able to see it in the first screenshot. Also, what the fuck is that rotation?

Bad font, but I’m sure they could do worse.

Yeah, there should still be part of “The Seven Children” visible.

This looks as bad as mine.

But you’re littering my reviewing with bad typesetting 😦


Wrong color, too much \yshad (more like they just used \shad instead of \xshad and \yshad), only one layer.

This really needed masking. I mean, there’s not nearly enough room for how tiny the typesetting is.

See above.

I really don’t know what to say to this.

What the fuck, Doki? p.s. it’s spelled chicken

Whoever did this has no idea how to use Mocha.

Episode 3

I’m not going to waste my time typing out why all of these are wrong, because they’re all bad and have so many problems. Also they actually used fucking Arial. Holy shit. Enjoy the pictures.

I hope no one ever downloads this shit.


Asenshi: C+. Episode 2 was pretty good, but whoever typeset episode 3 is much worse. Not sorted by time. Also random xbox hueg Japanese fonts that aren’t needed at all because their karaoke has no kanji.

Commie: B+. Some signs could be better. Most of the missing signs are directly in the dialogue before people bitch about it. Also, I finish in about 2 hours while Asenshi takes about 2 days.

Doki: F. Go fuck yourself, Doki. I wish I could give them a lower grade. Not sorted by time. Episode 3 has Arial (and it’s actually used) and 18MB of fonts.

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9 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

  1. >typesetting the show title but not translating it
    >pointless TL notes

    Why would they bother when they clearly have no idea what they’re doing? If you’re going to typeset a million signs that fucking nobody cares about, then at least do it well. Typesetting this badly just makes sign stand out and become annoying.

  2. I believe Doki edits CR’s script for this which means they took one of the best Japanese to English pun translations I’ve ever seen (and one that continues into ep4 where the punchline is, good luck with that one Doki) and totally killed it in favour of having untranslated Japanese and a retarded TL note that made no sense and added nothing.

    Fuck you, Doki.

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