Typesetting review: Tari Tari

Tari Tari typesetting review

Groups:AnimeTL-Broken, Commie, Doki, Hatsuyuki, Sopranos


Off to a great start. I love when people mask stuff and it’s the wrong color.

It bounces around and shit. Looks pretty nice.

I have no idea why they drew the brackets (【】 these) instead of just, like, using the characters. Otherwise it’s fine.

Font could be better.

Multiple layers, please.

Look at all that blur.

Yes, the paper on the table is typeset. I have no idea why.

Not sure why these are done. They’re done quite poorly and impossible to read upside down.

So much blur around me. I want it all.

Gee, thanks.

Looks good.


Looks good.

This changes size and the typesetting doesn’t really follow suit that well.

Please stop.

I guess you can almost read this one.

More blur, please.

Pretty sure this has a border, not a shadow. Well, it could be both, but yeah.

More blur.

An acceptable amount of blur.


Yeah, no.


(not me)

It’s there at least.

Not really digging it.

Could be bigger.

More blur please.

Should be two layers.

High quality QC on my part. I was trying to fix it but I forgot to undo enough times.

Should be darker.

This is tracked with Mocha but the tracking goes off a bit at the end.

Font is bad. Also, see my previous comments on this sign.

Dunno where the blurred white layer on bottom is. Font could be way better too.


Not really feeling this either.

Oh Doki. You always have to take the fun out of everything. Also, not nearly enough blur.

No, but I have seen how little blur you use.

Are you even trying?


Blur? Who needs that shit.


Oh Doki.

I like how the mask extends past the sign on the right once it starts moving. Good work from our friends over at Doki.

How does someone look at this and think “yeah, that looks good”? There is not that big of a shadow at all.

Just nope.


Not sure where the blur went for the Struggling part. Bounces along with the sign, though.

Should be at least one more layer so the font could have blur.

Cool rotation bro.

It’s fine.

No blur, bad font, wrong color. 【Epic fail】


You could, like, move it a bit lower or put it at the top and it’d be easy to read.


Terrible font choice.

I’m trying to think of something good to say about this.

I’m not sure I can put into words how bad this is. Let’s just say the typesetting moves erratically even when the sign isn’t moving at all.


I have no idea why this has a tiny border. Fine otherwise.

It’s all right.

This could be a lot worse (just look at the other groups).

The font for the handwritten parts could be better.

Dialogue: 0,0:10:22.40,0:10:22.53,Sign,,0,0,0,,{\fax0.3\fnCovered By Your Grace\b1\fs40\blur0.75\c&H1D202B&\frz5.66\pos(1153.57,619.286)}Melody of the Heart{aww fuck. the color is like nowhere right but i cannot get the correct one, even with a better colorpicking tool :F fml}

I know that feel. However, I have no idea why it has so much fax.

See above.

Looks good.

This is fine.

Wow, someone actually got this right. I am impressed.

Could be better, but it’ll do.


AnimeTL-Broken: B-. Nothing special besides the episode title sign at the beginning. I guess it’s nice that they did all these signs but a lot of them are too small to even read. Also, it’s typeset to bt.709 instead of bt.601. Not sorted by time.

Commie: C-. Nothing special here but it’ll do.

Doki: D. All awful. Not sorted by time.

Hatsuyuki: D+. Marginally better than Doki’s. Maybe. It’s hard to tell when they’re this bad. Not sorted by time. >Script generated by Aegisub 2.1.8 <—Please don't do this. Use 3.0. It's very stable at this point. Hell, 2.1.9 has been out for a long ass time as well.

Sopranos: B. Definitely the best one here. Not sorted by time.

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