Hyouka 12 – notes and the like

As I mentioned before, Hyouka episodes lately aren’t really worth writing about, and this wasn’t meant to be Your General Anime Blog No. 9001, so unless there’s something actually worth pointing out in notes, I won’t be writing about them.

This notice might be relevant to all the f/a/ggots who claim the Hyouka girls for their waifu.

This episode has finally confirmed it: Mayaka is on drugs. This pretty much implies that Chitanda lives on LSD or something. As for sleeping pills, I have an ultimate solution for insomnia. When I had trouble sleeping with all the stress from exams back in the language school, just opening the Japanese grammar textbook made me fall asleep instantly. Not the best for the exams, but good for sleep.

Do you hear that, otaku of the world?

Frolbericheri Frol is a character from the series They Were Eleven. Though she has long, curly blonde hair. Just like Mayaka, she speaks her mind and has a fiery temper.

Here we go.

Satoshi and his entrances…

As someone pointed it out before, Japanese just can’t understand jokes without a retort (tsukkomi) like that. Yeah, this is supposed to be funny.

He wins.

Finally we get a new solar term.

Her attention span is like a 8-year-old ADHD kid’s.

Have you watched Chihayafuru? Then you’re familiar with the Karuta card game based on the 百人一首 (hyakunin-isshu) poems. The ones showing up here are…

#13 From Tsukuba’s peak,
Falling waters have become
Mina’s still, full flow:
So my love has grown to be;
Like the river’s quiet deeps.

#2 Spring has passed, and the summer has come,
It’s said the silk-white robes are spread
to dry on the Mount of Heaven’s Perfume.

#16 Note that though we may be apart,
if I am to hear that you pine for me
as the Inaba mountain pines,
I shall return to you.

#33 For some reason cherry blossoms
scatter with such unquiet hearts
On this quiet, gentle spring day

She’s seriously got some mental problems.

You get a character I don’t know (in the novels she’s a Chinese zombie-vampire) and two vocaloids.

More vocaloids for you.

I can smell a mystery sprouting here.

A punk. In the west you wouldn’t be so surprised about it, but in Japan…

Chitanda fanservice for you.

New ending. The song itself isn’t bad. It’s ordinary. In the animation Chitanda is Holmes, Mayaka is Poirot, Houtarou is Lupin and Satoshi is Moriarty. I don’t really get it that if Chitanda is Holmes then why isn’t Houtarou Moriarty… The words scrolling in the background are all detective story titles.

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2 thoughts on “Hyouka 12 – notes and the like

  1. >>You get a character I don’t know (in the novels she’s a Chinese zombie-vampire) and two vocaloids.

    She’s cosplaying Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown. I personally would have loved to see the Chinese-vampire cosplay instead.

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