Translation review: [gg] Moyashimon Returns 01

On to Moyashimon.

A booze shop. Nice start.

The opening is clean and clear.

“The moment the teacher showed up with the mallet, it was obvious that you first-years without any knowledge would do the rice.” “Go and get the rice done!” (Needs editing but you get the point.)

“… to pound mochi at the new year.” Westerners wouldn’t get it from just “the end of the year” (not to mention it’s said).

“I just try to take on every challenge I can.” (Not to battles, but as in work, studies etc.)

Nice job handling this.

I don’t think this means the same thing. Sterile, sure, but not in the sense of not being able to give birth. More like… bacteria-killer.

Just “student dorm”.

Smirk-smirk. (Mistake.)

I think the translator totally agrees with this line.

He’s referring to what the teacher told them earlier: it takes four days to do the beans, so they should conserve their strength.

This is troublesome and I don’t know if it actually counts as correct. The point is Asians ferment solid stuff too, while westerners mostly ferment liquids.

Awamori is the traditional Okinawan booze, it’s not a brand.

She was wearing it.

The ending has lyrics on-screen.


Conclusion: Okay

All the science talk is probably accurate (the show has captions after all), but there is quite a number of weird mistakes in other lines (especially standing out because the science blabber is just… well, science). There’s like one line of normal dialog for every ten of science, so it’s not easy to talk about “natural flow” either. If the translator pays a bit more attention to the normal dialog, it should be alright… It was really a tough one to “grade” this, but there are quite a bunch of mistakes and so on, so let’s just make it okay for now.

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One thought on “Translation review: [gg] Moyashimon Returns 01

  1. lol, if the only things you took issue with are that I didn’t add “… to pound mochi at the new year” at the end of a sentence, that I wrote “あらゆる可能性への\N挑戦っていうのかな” (lit. I guess you could call it defiance toward every possibility) as “let people think what they want,” misunderstandings of a couple things yourself (the sterile line is an obvious pun, the Autonomous Dorm Resistance is used for consistency from last season), that I omitted the part about solid and liquid fermented foods (for ease), and one actual mistake (ari nansuka), I’m more than okay with this. Thanks for the feedback.

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