Translation review: [gg] Binbougami ga!

So the thing is that recent Hyouka episodes don’t really have anything worth writing about (I’ll do 11 for the sake of the detective novels wall), so I’ll instead start with reviews and catching up with Nyarlko and Jormungand notes (the latter only if I feel like it) (now that I think about it, the former as well). For now, have a look at gg’s Binbougami.

Actually I had a look at the script before it was released, because the editor was worried about the number of trollish lines (it’s pretty much valid though), but that looked okay (I didn’t pay attention to general translation accuracy). The translation style is quite liberal, but it’s enjoyable too.

A weird god from a weird place reading a weird manga in Jump Square. The name is translated to be a pun (literally it would be “world of the gods of misfortune”). You get it, Mis-Fort-une. Haha.

People have complained a lot about the number of fucks in this episode (not the fucks given). The thing is, she really does speak in a pretty vulgar way. (I’d laugh if there’d be exactly 46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme episode.)

This line for example could be even funnier. It’s literally “why does she have watermelons on her chest?”

She specifically says the Onegai! Ranking, but writing the title there would mean nothing.

The opening has on-screen Japanese, so it only needed to be translated. They fit the lines to the Japanese too, which results in weird line splits as seen above.

They are really vulgar bitches. The style is fitting.

I smirked.

I don’t know why she switches speech patterns randomly. I guess it can be funny. Or just the voice actress got bored.

She inserts the net phrases for “lol” ((笑) kakko-warai) and “rofl” ((爆笑) kakko-bakushou). That’s what the quotation marks are there for.

Really bad pun. Can’t blame them for it.

“Even if I have to use force…”

Cool typesetting.

“I hope that bitch doesn’t think it’s over with this…”

“Keep your eyes open when driving.” She makes fun of the Brock-style eye.

Horrible pun #273: 素敵 (suteki, wonderful) and 敵 (teki, enemy).

“Immediate surgery is required.”

In Japanese “sweet thinking” means to be naive. She’s calling Japanese politicians naive.

“Amazing amount. Well done.”

“You should be getting angry! I’m being tyrannical here!”

Again the ending has the Japanese lyrics, so it’s no challenge.

Conclusion: Okay

I won’t complain about the shouting parts, because to be honest I don’t care enough to try to figure them all out, but there were quite a bunch of supposedly clean and simple lines that were totally wrong. The general translation style is quite wild (pretty much fits the show). For a first episode it passes, but I hope the accuracy will improve in future releases – there are problems in that regard. (Well, the translator argues that some of those mistakes I pointed our were just too liberal for my tastes. Might be right.)

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