Translation review: [Doki] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 01

It’s such an effort to watch the same thing a dozen times for all the groups subbing it… And so many series. But I shall…

I’ll not point out weird English. I’d be screenshotting every line.

Katahira’s supporters. The Katahira Group. And it’s not a bomb to be “dismantled”.

The opening’s lyrics are, well… bad. I wouldn’t complain if it was just weird literal Engrish, but this is way beyond that. Mishearings aside, even when they get the Japanese wrong there are a bunch of mistranslations.

I’m impressed they did the insert song. The translation quality is the same as the opening.

Raw? Moulded into a solid? I don’t think so. (Though you can forgive them, this line is a pain in the ass. Lucky there are closed captions.) She also refers to herself in third person. That style is childish in Japanese and doesn’t exist in English.

It’s been a while since I last encountered a translation note like that. I could’ve lived without it.

The translator clearly had no clue of what are they talking about here. The guy’s whole speech makes no sense in English and definitely doesn’t mean what’s being said.

The ending is good enough. (But wait, is that Arial?)

Conclusion: Avoid

If you want to understand anything of this show except for the most trivial chatter, then this isn’t a release for you.

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