Summer ’12

So it’s that time again. I know I’m terribly behind on my notes, but lately life and stuff kept me really busy. Anyway, the obvious question is what to review.

The editors will do their job I guess reviewing every release they can put their hands on, and I hope our resident typesetter will be as enthusiastic as last season (though I guess this sentence needs more blur).

As for translation reviews, I’ll only review original translations (so no simulcast edits) (unless it’s a show where editing can change the script entirely, for example Joshiraku). You can ask for stuff to be reviewed in the comments, but there is no guarantee your request will be fulfilled. I’ll start reviewing once… well once I can get in the mood to do it. Running a fever and coughing my lungs out doesn’t help either.

As for translations, Hyouka, E7 AO and Phi Brain are two cour, so they go on into the summer season. I don’t plan on picking up anything new, because I’ll be probably busy with life and a dozen internships, but we might slowsub Joshiraku for you, because I listened to the audio drama and it’s insanely funny (also full of really Japanese puns). The problem is that if the anime is even just a bit like the audio drama, then one episode will be like 900 long lines of puns, and that’s not something I’m up for subbing on the same night as E7 (it airs right after E7). We’ll see.

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