Script Review: [CR] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 01

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Mankind Has Declined/Jintai is a show set in the distant future where mankind has, well, declined. But don’t let that get you down. It’s actually a comedy. Nothing could be more fun than watching humans of the future suffer.

She may look like she’s having fun, but she’s not. Her parents are dead, you insensitive asshole.

r/a/ge level: ??/100. Hell if I know. I don’t have time for /a/.

No translation for the opening or ending, one honorific, sensei is translated, name order is not applicable (the characters have no names).

“We’re gonna get in trouble…” or any variation expressing apprehension about an impending punishment.

The girls were planning to skin some cocks, but things didn’t go as planned, and they flew the coop. They’re not really going to be in trouble because they have other food available. It’s just not meat like they had intended. Thus, this line should be as I have suggested above. They’re going to get in trouble with the village elders or whoever’s in charge. It’s a really minor nuance issue.

Dressed down is an uncommon way of saying “to be scolded” or “reprimanded.” In a different anime set in modern times, I’d say this is an issue, but this show is set in a different era, I suppose. The main character speaks differently compared to the other girls, so her peculiarities were likely deliberate choices by Crunchyroll. I gotta give them props for differentiating the protagonist so subtly. I like it!


My thoughts exactly.

I always wonder about the typesetting, but I’m way too lazy to check the actual Crunchyroll release on their official website. I can only assume theirs didn’t have \an8 here either. It’s pretty redundant to typeset something that’s being read aloud. It’s also pointless to typeset signs that aren’t plot relevant, though I’m sure some people will tell you differently. Me? I don’t care either way. Very rarely does typesetting have a noticeable affect on my enjoyment of a show.

Don’t think I missed the sexual innuendo in the last screenshot. This girl is a real miscreant to be thinking about being hammered and double penetrated and whatnot.

Okay, okay. She’s actually talking about delicacy points and the older women being insufferable bitches.

“Nothing ever seems to go my way” is a more natural variation if she’s referring to herself. If she’s talking about the village or the situation with the world, then the original is fine. This is where a TLC could be useful, if you cared about accuracy. I’d just go with my gut because I’m lazy, but other people care about that stuff.

:blag mode:

The art direction for this show is slick. Everything’s really upbeat and colorful. There’s no shortage of things to look at, which is more than can be said about 99% of anime. I would compare this kind of style to Tsuritama (gay fishing show) because they both make use of vibrant colors that really pop out. The painted look they’ve been going for is cool, too. It feels strange to be praising the art because the animation studio responsible for this, AIC ASTA, also worked on Persona 4 The Animation, which, as we all know, had a reputation for cutting corners. I mean, I still loved P4A, but I was sorely disappointed by the studio’s lack of effort. And this is only the first episode, so it’s too early to say if this show will be free of quarity animation. The jury’s still out on this one! (Although I won’t be sticking around to find out.)

:end blag mode:

“Doesn’t this place look like it was man-made?”

Yes, it’s obvious what she’s trying to say, but having multiple meanings that are vastly different is kind of unacceptable when they are not intentional. Grandpa here confirms my suspicions in the next line, too.

Pink Hair: “There aren’t any humans here.”

Fatty: “Right. Everything is automated.”

Having the receptionist (fatty) respond with “no” is nonsensical literalshit, and no one ever does that.

Oh, God. Cue bullshit about environmental conservation à la Studio Ghibli. This will probably be a recurring theme throughout the show. Yes, it’s admirable to want to conserve the environment, but I don’t need to hear that shit from anime, especially when it’s being hamfisted in the least subtle way possible. Go write a book if you want to share your thought-provoking themes. Man, I just want some heteromanceshit.

Well… Okay then.

But seriously, this character actually speaks with a goofy accent. It would’ve been nice if Crunchyroll spent some time sprucing up the dialogue like they did with the main character. Blah, blah—subs should reflect the original meaning—blah, blah.

What I liked:

After the last few reviews with Crunchyroll’s rejects, it was a nice change to review a competent translator. The dialogue was great overall. In particular, the main character had a slightly peculiar way of talking compared to other girls, in the show and in reality. And maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but I didn’t see any glaring technical problems. Another excellent release by Crunchyroll!

+ Great dialogue

+ Good differentiation for the protagonist

What I didn’t like:

There were a couple stupid lines, and the lack of acknowledgement for the bread’s accent was kind of weird considering what Crunchyroll did for the protagonist. Not everything has to become a contraction, but there were a few lines that would’ve greatly benefited from one.

– Some lines could’ve been improved

– The carrot bread’s accent was ignored

– More contractions

Rating: :D :D :D :D… out of :D :D :D :D :D. (That’s 4 out of 5.)

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