Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Saki Episode of Side A – 01

One of the worst shows of all time if not the worst.

Just terrible.

r/a/ge level: 10/100. I hope no one watches this show.

No translation for the opening or ending, honorifics, Eastern/spoken name order, translation notes.

This is not funny, nor does it make any sense. I watched this episode a while ago and forgot to write the review, but I’m not going to go back and find out what they were talking about. I’ll just use the abundant contextual clues. Well, pink-hair says something about a preference of hers. She’s wearing quite the getup, so I can only assume that’s what she’s talking about. Her friend is commenting on the preference. So…

“This is what I like to wear.”

“It’s no big deal.”

I’ve probably said this somewhere else, but in British English, “anymore” isn’t considered a real word. In American English, it is, and it’s synonymous with “any longer.” “Any more” means something else. If you’re ever confused, try replacing “anymore” with “any longer” and see if it still fits. If it does, carry on with what you’re doing. If it doesn’t, change it to “any more.”

“Always keep an eye out for pairs!”

The original can be rather ambiguous and confusing at first glance. It might take a couple reads before it becomes obvious what the line is supposed to mean. This isn’t good for a really short line. There are about a hundred different ways to phrase this to reduce ambiguity and whatnot. My suggestion is just one of many.

An example of a translation note by Crunchyroll. I suppose this show wouldn’t really make sense if you didn’t know how to play mahjong. But I mean, what else would you be watching it for.

“In this club, me and Shizu are second and third best, / but the one who’s coming now / is the best!”

Usually, short numbers like one, two, and three are spelled out. “The number one” without anything else sounds especially retarded.

Also, pigtails saying “me and Shizu” is totally fine because she’s in elementary school. Incorrect grammar isn’t always a bad thing. If it’s something the character could reasonably be expected to say, then why not?

It would’ve been nice to have “you’re” unemphasized.

“Booby” has a meaning the character doesn’t intend, but whatever. These characters are idiots.

Questions end with question marks? Yes. Yes, they do.

One doesn’t typically refer to a high school as “strong.” It’s more like, “There’s a really competitive high school called …” or something. Strong is just terrible—terrible and literal.

“And I want to go to nationals!”

If you’ve ever participated in intermural sports (or simply paid attention during high school), you may have heard of someone say, “Oh, man! I can’t wait to go to state” or “We have to prepare for nationals!” It’s never “the nationals.” That just sounds stupid.

Uh, okay.

What I liked:

Not much! The show is terrible, and the dialogue is just really, really average.


What I didn’t like:

Just because the show has easy dialogue doesn’t mean you can hire any slack-jaw idiot to translate, Crunchyroll.

– Really stupid phrasing at times

– Punctuation

Overall Grade: 3 cup sizes too big… out of 5.

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