Hyouka 07 – notes and the like

Lately I’ve had way less free time than I’m comfortable with, but don’t worry, I’m gonna catch up with my notes eventually. Eventually. For now have this week’s episode of Hyouka.

It must be so much fun to have a small club like this and go on a trip together… Anyway, we decided to just simply translate the proverb, though I don’t think it’s a proverb in English.

As I explained in the last episode’s notes (preview part), this episode again is a short story from the fourth book of the series, so don’t expect a deep and lasting mystery like Sekitani Jun’s.

“I wanna go!” “Let’s go together!” “I wanna go!” Her desires are literally written all over her face.

“Blue mountain” written as 青山 and read as seizan can also mean “grave” (as in the burial place).

Possible sources for the cheese smell.

But even Mr Sherlock Holmes screws up every now and then. They got 冷シャブ (rei-shabu), a cold meat salad.

Oh my, what a coincidence!

Not necessarily good-natured, more like someone you can easily get along with, around who you don’t have to worry about how you act.

His sarcastic style is the best thing about this show (after the moe girls of course).

She sounds surprised. I wonder why.

Sorry, girls. KyoAni know better than to just censor stuff with mysterious why fumes showing up out of nowhere.

Made me smirk.

Someone is fantasizing, eh? (I want a scene like this with Mayaka too.)

With your hand on my face, I’d get fired up as well.

If I were a girl I’d fall in love with my editor.

The guests are numbered.

I couldn’t figure out what the characters were on the seals. If you can read that script style, decode it for me.

Your weekly dose of solar terms.

“Morning, huh?”

There should be a spin-off series about Mayaka.

You’re a goner, Oreki.

It must have been rose-colored.

I’m not sure Oreki shares her enthusiasm.

He’s so much like me.

She’s unbelievable.

This hurt.

She doesn’t need to cut his skull open to figure out what he’s thinking.

That face.

Your daily useful expression: 両手に花 (ryoute ni hana), “to have a pretty woman on both sides”.

Here is your explanation. (I really like this music track.)

The characters are all her name (梨絵).

I have some trouble imagining parents letting a fourth grader girl leave at 8pm for a summer festival… Alone.

Her idea of sisters was crushed. Or not?

And with the next episode we start book two.


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