Phi Brain 2×06 – notes and the like

I don’t usually write about Phi Brain, because it’s way too simple and way too stupid to worth the effort, but this episode has something I wanted to point out.

And actually it’s here, at like the fifth second. Doubt, everyone’s favorite, cool Doubt, the Doubt who hates to waste time, is reading the Principles of Philosophy by Rene Descartes in Latin. I could find the corresponding passage in Latin, but not in English… Sadly, the English version ends just a few pages before the relevant part on Books. Anyway – I hope you sense the irony of a guy who hates wasting time and worships punctuality reading completely useless philosophy in Latin.

I guess this is intended to be fanservice.

So in the POG people were named after chess-related terms, and in the Orpheus Order they’re named after card games? (Lord Klondike, Whist, Doubt, Freecell…)

Oh Phi Brain and your retarded catchphrases.

That’s a lot of text, and it’s quite badly distorted as well. I wonder if you realize why this is shown on screen. (Yes, it’s relevant.)

The humor of this show is seriously beyond me.

Just a little side note. Japanese schools are very secure. Gates are locked during class hours and there’s no going in or out without permission. For me it’s totally inconceivable that they’d just let five extremely dangerous members of a hostile organization on the campus just like that in their cars. This also reminds me of that earlier episode when they occupied some stadium for a whole day, and strangely no one seemed to realize. Are you kidding me? Is this Hustle and they’re all pro con men who can trick people into letting them do stuff?

What a twist!

“Get lost”? And the president of the school’s student council just “gets lost”? He shuts up and stands by idly while total strangers go around challenging students to deadly duels? Seriously?

Even the principal himself just stands in his room, watching, doing nothing. Why? The Orpheus Order kids aren’t the POG so there’s no reason for him not to get involved.

I guess I’m too old for this show. (Not to mention her safety belt’s position changes completely when she sits down a few frames later. Good job, good job.)

By this logic a game of backgammon or chess counts as a puzzle as well?

How stylish.

Someone’s exaggerating here. He solved her shitty puzzles, and she’s still butthurt about it. Actually the all the whining that goes down in episode 7 is even worse. That was the first time in the past year when I seriously considered dropping Phi Brain. It’s so stupid it made me rage hard.

Not he has an excuse why he lost to an annoying girl.

At least the music of the show isn’t bad.

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