Haiyore! Nyarlko 07 – notes and the like

My demands for the afterlife: a nympho Nyarlko.

This whole scene makes me laugh so hard.

Why is the opening so awesome?

They don’t need references to make the show hilarious.

They gattai‘d!

I wonder if gender distinction is even possible with interracial offsprings like that. Especially considering that Outer Gods don’t really have what would match the human concept of gender. (And even if they did, Nyarlathotep is usually considered masculine.)

I’ve been told many times that “approach” in English doesn’t really work as in Japanese. Apparently the editor thinks it does.

That’s a very clear Super Mario reference for you.

Apparently this is a reference to Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Fujiya’s Peko-chan shows up so much in anime that she doesn’t need much introduction anymore. The background is the pattern of the wrapping of Fujiya’s Milky candy.

Joke entirely lost. Not approved. 青い珊瑚礁 (aoi sangoshou, blue coral reef) is a huge hit song from 1980 by Matsuda Seiko (松田聖子). They replaced the 珊 (san) with SAN for the sanity points. Changing it to “Ffrom the Black Lagoon” would maintain both the Cthulhu reference (it’s a movie) and be related to the sea.

The teleporter is a really annoying trap in Wizardry. Her pose is one of the Eight Extremities moves, the Iron Hill (八極拳・鉄山靠).

Not Hasta, her. I didn’t realize this when I looked, because I didn’t know it was a Wizardry reference, but the teleporter likes to throw you in rocks.

CR isn’t doing great (neither am I). キャピキャピ (kyapikyapi) means “cute and energetic”.

If you played any VN’s with multiple routes, you know this phrase.

This creature is the twitter user icon of the original light novels’ writer, Aisora Manta.

Funny note, the text on the shirt says “moe fish”.

That’s a character from Yuri Seijin Naoko-san, and she’s carrying around a box of fanfiction works (doujinshi). The food on the menu on the wall are quite normal. The machine is a Twin NES (Twin Famicom), the game is probably Super Xevious: Mystery of GAMP. That “flag” is probably also from this game (though it appears in other Namco games as well).

This whole grilled squid thing is a fuckup on the editor’s side. It’s supposed to be takoyaki or fried octopus. (Though later on grilled squid shows up as well, that’s a whole different thing.) As for the name of the shop, Puti-Kuti is from the game Moe Cthulhu Myth Glossary (萌え萌えクトゥルー神話事典 moe-moe kuturu shinwa jiten). I’ve covered the “Iä! Iä!” in last episode already.

They use this line in Dekaranger when it comes to judgment time.

A pun on Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3. Daitarn sounds like 大胆 (daitan), which means “bold”. He uses “Sun” attacks, which connects to the previous line.

You can learn those in the Cthulhu board RPG.

比翼連理 (hiyoku-renri, wings of a bird, twined branches) is one of the “story compounds”, four character kanji compounds that tell a whole story in themselves, referring to its conclusion.

I see people calling this a translation error at the Commie blog, and I must laugh. No, this is a pun. Read on and you’ll see why. (I know, he literally says “I hate you.” You don’t need to point it out again.)

I think everyone knows this famous last scene from Tomorrow’s Joe.

ポロリあるよ (porori aru yo) is a phrase from a Japanese swimming competition variety show, advertising that swimming dresses are going to fall off. Not here, sadly.

The Rats in the Walls is a Lovecraft story, and “The window! The window!” is a very famous line from Lovecraft’s Dagon.

Quotes a line from the Idolm@ster song The agent departs at night (エージェント夜を往く eejento yoru wo yuku).

Here you go. If I didn’t change “I hate you” to “not my sweetheart”, then this dialog would read… “He said ‘I hate you’. In English that is ‘mine’.” Yeah, it’s not literal. You’d prefer the joke lost?

She was doing it intentionally…

That’s grilled squid for you.

The top is from the eroge “Malign Gods’ Love” (the Japanese title is hilariously long, it can be identified by 恋する邪神 koisuru jashin). The middle one is the Striver anime within the anime. The bottom ones are again Yuri Seijin and R’lyeh Lulu (the latter was referenced in episode one).

I changed obon (お盆) to “summer”, because that’s the point, and not the whole cultural mess around the festival. People have no idea when obon is. She’s referencing the Comiket by the way, the building she remembers is the International Exhibition Center in Tokyo. There is an actual Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo as well.

That’s Nyarlko cosplaying Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4 for you.

Remember that line in the opening?

I think half of the 2ch populace was annihilated by this scene.

The title is a reference to Nakayama Miho’s Heartbeat High School, an ancient dating sim. There were a bunch of other references in the preview, but I’ll rather leave them for the next episode.

This line won’t show up in the next episode (probably), so here it goes. This is a reference to a SoftBank ad, which features these lines almost word for word.

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