Haiyore! Nyarlko 05 – notes and the like

The base script was late so I couldn’t work on Nyarlko this week, but anyway let’s see what are the references and puns in it. (My sources were the same as last week.)

Good job there, editor. (Yeah, it’s supposed to be Hasta.)

While Nyarlko’s pain screams are mostly Gundams, Cthuko’s are a lot more random. Or more exactly, they are very obscure shoutouts to other works referenced. (In the previous episode, she went down saying “eroba”, which was the death scream of a character in the Fist of the North Star, also referenced back there.) Menes is an orphan from the novel The Cats of Ulthar, which is referenced later.

その理屈はおかしいよ (sono rikutsu wa okashii yo, lit. your logic is off) is one of Doraemon’s famous phrases. It was used before in the series, I think in episode two.

Here, the Cats of Ulthar, a Lovecraft novel.

This is most likely a reference to Kamisama Kazoku, where this is Venus’s pose called “the wild hawk” (which is why there’s a hawk shriek in this scene). The pose itself is used quite often in anime, I think that it may originate from the crane style in kung-fu.

Sherlock (Milky) Holmes for you.

This uppercut style is apparently used a lot in Saint Seiya Omega. Hell Missionaries are a tag team in Kinnikuman.

This and the next lines are direct quotes from Death Note.

This is probably a reference to Heidi, Girl of the Alps (or the ToHeart2 romance game), which has this line word for word.

On the bag it says 「地球が持たん時が来ているのだ」「エコだよ、それは!!」 (“chikyuu ga matan toki ga kiteiru no da” “eko da yo, sore wa“), which is a quote from the Gundam movie Char’s Counterattack. I couldn’t find how it was translated in the English dub, if you know, tell me.

The way he says the second half (まずは友達からです mazu wa tomodachi kara desu) implies that though they are just friends at the moment, he hopes that will change.

Probably a Code Geass reference.

I don’t know why she calls her “Queen”, if you do, tell me.

Back during the beta of Ragnarok Online there was a stalking incident, and this is a quote from there. That’s the story at least, the whole incident is made up.

Reference to Rururie Antique, where the heroine is a high school girl, who wants to be a detective, gets involved in quite a few incidents with false gods and always fights back with her karate kick.

Her DMC-12 from the last episode shows up again.

Do want.

This sounds like it may be a reference, but no idea what.

Gyokuro (玉露, jade dew) is a really expensive, high quality green tea.

That’s a PlayStation there for you.

Gary Thomasson signed the biggest contract in the Japanese league to play in the Giants, but he was totally useless.

Instead of Apple’s apple, it has Azumanga Daioh’s “A!”.

“You fool, Warren is dead!” is a famous line from Lovecraft’s The Statement of Randolph Carter.

That’s the location of R’lyeh.

Kamen Rider Fourze’s transformation pose.

Beside the obvious Pokemon reference, Nephren-Ka was a pharaoh worshiped Nyarlathotep. Her pitching pose is again a reference to Star of Giants, where Hoshi Hyuma’s special tech looks just like this.

The map is the world map of Dragon Quest 2 upside down.

This is exactly what they say when Space Battleship Yamato launches.

Those two are said to be the most difficult tracks in F-Zero.

The deep ones are creatures in the Cthulhu myth.

That’s the Elder Sign.

In Gundam F91, Seabook shouts this when they blow off his mech’s left arm in a similar situation.

Super Robot Wars reference. There MAP weapons are able to hit multiple enemies at once on the grid. Also, on the previous line she says 魂 (tamashii, soul) and 気合 (kiai, spirit), and later てかげん (tekagen, mercy), which are all spirit commands in SRW as well.

我慢の子 (gaman no ko, lit patient child) is widely associated with a Bon Curry commercial and Lone Wolf and Cub that that commercial references.

Atlach Nacha is a spider in the Cthulhu myth. The tea bottle resembles Oi Ocha (お~いお茶) (I don’t like how it tastes). The pills’ bottle looks like Biofermin S (新ビオフェルミンS).

Dagon’s entrance song is a reference to Come on-a my house. Since Dagon is named after a real Semitic deity, there are references to the “house of Dagon” even in the Bible (1 Samuel 5:5).

If you watched Nisemonogatari, this face is no news for you. It’s Peko-chan, the famous mascot character of Fujiya.

This is a line from Kaiji, where Otsuki tries to gloss over his cheating saying this. (Also widely used in /a/’s trap threads.)

A reference to the El Shaddai trailer.

This is probably a reference to the tv show Punch DE Date (パンチDEデート), where this “sometimes love blooms at first sight” is a recurring catchphrase.

He wants to gattai with him. Obvious Aquarion reference.

The phrase that literally translates to “came to me in a ping!” (ピンときた pin to kita) is quite common in Japanese, but if you replace ping with ting, it becomes an Idolm@ster reference, where Takagi says it like that.

According to Japanese popular belief, the American astronomer Asaph Hall once tried to get away from paying his bill at a restaurant by claiming that everything revolves in a 25 million year cycle, and the same situation will happen again, so he’ll pay that time. I couldn’t find any English resources supporting this (only translations from Japanese).

Lake Hali is a fictional lake (of vapor) where Hastur dwells.

This is the famous Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, famous for its queer appearance (and that it’s still not finished though constructions began 130 years ago).

This is apparently Kamen Rider Super-1’s pose for his Sincere Shaolin Fist techniques (though I couldn’t find a video of it).

Machida’s catchphrase from Dokonjo Gaeru.

I’d say this one’s an Aquarion gattai reference again.

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3 thoughts on “Haiyore! Nyarlko 05 – notes and the like

  1. About the Char’s Counter attack quote, I didn’t find the dub, but I found a site that has a short transcription of the dialogue here: http://www.st.rim.or.jp/~r17953/impre/Anime/Gun/Counter/CHAR.html

    The pose Cthuko makes at the end of the episode looks like the one Kamen Rider Super-1 often makes after he does his transformation sequence: http://youtu.be/TxKMPtVW49o?t=2m54s I’m not sure if Super-1 takes this stance while standing, but he seems to jump and make this pose a fair amount.

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