Eureaka 7 AO 04 – notes and the like

Since episode five airs tonight, I guess it’s time to write about four

Those eyes. It kinda denies biological sense, but then so does blue hair.

Those are probably supposed to be B-52’s, but if they have the wingspan required for their size, or any wingspan at all, they are parking way too close to each other.

For all non-Yankees: the Smithsonian Institution is a famous American museum.

He’s such a professional pilot.

This brings back (painful) Symphogear memories.

Musou (無双) means “unrivaled”. She’s really an otaku – this is probably a Koihime Musou Dynasty Warriors reference.

I really hate it when they insert random words like that (Goliath in this case). Props to the editor for figuring it out. The first thing I associate “Goliath” with is the Goliath walker in StarCraft.

If I didn’t have to put up with their great voice acting, I’d love these girls.

Responsible adults should take care of children, don’t put them in dangerous situations and would never allow them on the frontline.

Yep, that’s exactly what they are doing to the girls by the way. (Guess who she has to babysit?)

He goes in to battle a whole army of Secrets, but as soon as he sees just three nearing in on him, he starts screaming and panics. Totally a prepared, determined warrior.

Here is the explanation of ZOA for you. I guess in normal dialog we’ll just keep referring to it as the “Zone”.

My line was “Fleur, it’s getting hot” in the sense that the situation is worsening. I don’t like how this is phrased now, but I guess it works.

Loli fanservice for you.

First improve your voice acting.

She’s quoting Rei from Evangelion.

There it goes. I’d appreciate it if they really kept everything consistent with the first series.

Episode 4: the main character dies.

Dear writers, this scaredy cat is neither funny nor lovable. Kill him already.

You recognize it too, don’t you?

Is this anime about making 12-years-old kids believe that they are important adults?

Naha is a real city, the capital of Okinawa.

For a while I seriously thought this is the Japanese army guy.

Terrible hip-hop. I guess that GS stands for GekkoState.

There are crazy people everywhere.

I’ve been to bars like this while in Okinawa.

I wasn’t sure about this line, and it’s wrong. I’ll be interested to see how Funi handled it. (It’s probably “Nothing good comes of it if you listen to Americans!”)

What a welcoming committee. Get rid of the old man and have a fun night.

This is my fuckup. My memories of E7 were playing with me. He’s saying “I can’t forgive my father for abandoning my mother”, but in the light of E7’s ending it made no sense at all. I’m looking forward to a scene with the Moon, if you get my drift.


Not what, who. He apparently doesn’t know Elena yet.

Unless Sauron is showing up as the archenemy in the series, the black tower probably refers to the Generation Bleu’s HQ (remember episode one?). At least tonight we’re getting even more lolis. (At least for me it’s tonight – for you it’ll be later since the editor is having exams.)

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4 thoughts on “Eureaka 7 AO 04 – notes and the like

  1. Vale, let me help a bit on the sequel tie-in bait.

    At current, the only way to make the information all stick is that this is a sequel for the Scub Coral, not Eureka X Renton. Per Eureka 7 TV ( I rewatched the entire thing last week, so I could get the tie ins and enjoy the series again), at the end of episode 50, to prevent the Question Limit from being hit again, the newly “Enlightened” Scub Coral sent half of themselves to the alternate Earth that they found 3k years previously. (The event that created the “Great Wall”)

    This also explains why the Scub act the way they do. The G-monsters are the series antagonists. (What they are, I have no clue) The likely scenario is that this is actually 80-100 years “after”, in AO’s world, the events of Eureka 7. Eureka (and likely Renton, if he appears) are “copies” from the Scub Coral. (This also goes with them leaving as Green Balls of energy and the Quartz in the center of the active Scub Corals)

    The Scub Coral Sequel hypothesis seems to be the true “sequel” tie in part. Eureka’s actual origins are anyone’s guess, but with the ep 4 OP, it’s obvious she’s in some way related to the TV Series version. Minus the fact at the end of ep 50, Eureka had wings and the ability for Stellar (possibly Interstellar) flight. Slightly useful ability to have, really.

    Oh, and before I see Ep 5, Eureka in the OP is composed in such a way to hide the fact there should be a large figure on the right side of the shot. They’ve mostly hid this, but it’s pretty noticeable if you do the blocking on the shot. Someone or something will be on the right side of the Moon.

  2. “Musou (無双) means “unrivaled”. She’s really an otaku – this is probably a Koihime Musou reference.”

    Actually the musou gauge is from “Dynasty Warriors”; when the musou gauge of your character is full you can activate your characters’ ultimate attack.
    Basically Elena says here that she’s ready to wipe out the enemies with her ultimate move.

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