Translation review: [Commie] Sankarea 05

We all get it. It’s about time Furuya realizes it too. (He should totally watch the opening sometimes.)

Literally says “conserve her body”.

She speaks weird. No girl would ever say 書籍 (shoseki) for book in this context. Her lines in English could be weirder.

Nitpicking time: the top two kanji read “hail” (南無 namu), but it’s not typeset.

Typical middle-schooler bookshelf. A whole Illustrated Guides and a Mysteries of the World series.

Nitpicking time, episode two. Chemistry isn’t my field, but I think formalin and formaldehyde are different.

Cool typesetting there.

Calling his father Dad doesn’t really fit a head priest. (Though it rhymes with “dead”, hahaha.)

An idiom here and there can do wonders. Refer to Commie’s Sankarea.

I think she’s saying “I don’t get it”…

He calls her Wanko.

Wish I could write stuff like this.

Japanese and their omissions can be really troublesome. I think the subject is herself, so it’s be “Okay then, I get it.”

Literally: scary.

This is how it’s done. (Though the “catch” shouldn’t be capitalized.)

This is a really bad pun. In Japanese to upset one’s stomach is literally to “break one’s stomach” – and we all know what happened to Rea’s beautiful belly.

Conclusion: Great

There weren’t any obvious big mistakes (you can spot any? tell me then), and with this kind of a script, you know what that means.

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