Hyouka 03 – notes and the like

No opening. Why no opening? I kinda like that song.

First, the second mention of India so early may or may not be a coincidence. (As it later turns out, Oreki’s sister isn’t in India anymore at this point though.) Second, judging from the clear reference in the imagery this scene, he most definitely was referring to a carnation-colored life in episode one. We should fix this.

Obviously he doesn’t know everything, he only knows the things he knows.

Her puns are really bad. In Japanese, Classics Club (古典部 kotenbu) and vinegared kelp (醋昆布 sukonbu) sound vaguely similar. Not in English.

Here we go again.

What a surprise there.

人海戦術 (jinkai-senjutsu) is literally the “human sea strategy”. It means you overcome a problem by constantly pumping in more and more (human) resources into it.

Why can’t I hold all this symbolism?

This phrase (よろしくお願いします yoroshiku onegai shimasu) is a pain in the ass to translate, every single time.

Cool positioning there. (Yeah, yeah, it’s my player again.)

It’s his World History B textbook. According to the address on the envelope, they live in Gifu, but there’s no Kamiyama city in Gifu that I could find.

Lovely three-liner there.

I can’t figure them out. It’s so blurry and the light is so in the way I can only read a few characters on them each…

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo.

He’s in the handicrafts club after all.

Bankai: The Ultimate Energy Saver Detective.

His handwriting is nasty and it’s not worth the trouble.

I love my editor.

Oreki is so alpha it’s off the charts.

I saw people arguing about why he had to panic so much if he was just smoking. Here is your explanation. He’s from an elite family, and even if he wasn’t, getting caught smoking would cause him a lot of trouble.

That awkward silence when our release is clearly the best (again). (Please take me seriously and make a fool of yourself arguing.)

ガリ版印刷 (gariban insatsu) and 謄写版印刷 (toushaban insatsu) both translate to mimeograph copying, luckily English had another word as well. (Also, if I’m already at printing and typography, there’s something unnecessary in the line above.) He says “Meiji era”, but I asked a few people randomly, and they had no idea what that was (while it’s common sense for Japanese people), so I changed it to “late 19th century”.

Nothing less from a literature club. (But don’t ask me what it means.)

It’s 1968, not ’64. I mentioned this before, but I really have a thing against numbers. 1967, the year before, was the legendary year of the Summer of Love. The writer’s name, Kooriyama also made me think. Although it’s written with a different character, koori means ice, which might connect to the title of Hyouka, which also means “frozen sweets”. In her name the character is 郡, which means country or district, while in “ice” it’s the 氷 from Hyouka.

She actually looks like a normal person here.

I can kinda understand girls now. You always have more periods than you’d want.

All this symbolism in the ending animation! I hope you’re prepared, because this obviously holds very deep meanings regarding the laws of the universe. From the facts that it only features the two girls and that they shoot up the Polaris, I have concluded the great truth: lesbians are the center of the universe!

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One thought on “Hyouka 03 – notes and the like

  1. > According to the address on the envelope, they live in Gifu, but there’s no Kamiyama city in Gifu that I could find.

    That’s because the author changed the name of the city from Takayama (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takayama,_Gifu) to Kamiyama. He chose Takayama because it’s his hometown, as it says here: http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%80%88%E5%8F%A4%E5%85%B8%E9%83%A8%E3%80%89%E3%82%B7%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%82%BA#.E4.BD.9C.E5.93.81.E8.88.9E.E5.8F.B0

    As it also says there, the official Kadokawa Shoten page says 「中部地方にあると推定される緑豊かな地方都市」 – it can be assumed to be a verdant provincial city in the Chubu region (which Gifu is in).

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