Typesetting review: Acchi Kocchi (again)

Since a certain reviewer seems to think Tsumiki’s typesetting for this show is actually good (and better than Commie) I thought I’d review it as someone who actually knows what the fuck they’re talking about.

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(not me)

I don’t get it.

These are solid.

I don’t really understand this either. Why is it only one layer? Border color is wrong as well.

I’m not gonna lie, this was mostly me.

This is good.

This would make great if the font had just a little more blur (like 0.7).

These are good.

Should be blurrier.


I don’t really like this font.

The last two are especially great.

That’s one way to do it I guess.

I’m not sure the top part needs the border. Also, \t\fs is bad times with VSFilter. Even though this barely changes it’s still noticeable if you look closely.

These are good.

I really like the effect on this.

Not much to say here. These are great.

I’m not sure this needs a fade, especially such a long one.

I can only assume the part on the left lagged with two layers. Besides that, great.


Too much blur.

All good.

Bad font choice for the “Grab”.



Before I start I just wanted to note that they included 36 MB of fonts which is past the limit of what Haali’s splitter supports (32 MB). The reason for this is they included about 4 copies of every font. This is also weird because the version of Aegisub they used gives a warning when the font collector finds more than 32 MB of fonts. I really have no idea wtf they are doing.

Anyway, on to the review.

Fading in a mask is not the best idea.

Border is way too dark.

This is good.

The gradient makes me laugh but this is still better than Commie’s.

Needs more blur.

No blur on a massive font looks pretty bad.

This is exactly why I put it above instead of below.

At least they did this sign at all?

Glad to see this is still as bad as it was in episode 1.

And people call us trolls.

Bad font choice. Good otherwise.

This should just be some standard serif font.


Bad font choice and these are actually kind of hard to read.

These are good.

Looks like shit because the top layer has a border and thus no blur.

These are good.

Needs more blur.

These are really good.

I like how this is done better than Commie’s.

Not sure why the top layer of “Battle Rules” has a border but it makes it look like shit.

These are good.

Bad font choice.

Font is nothing like the original nor is the color, but this sign doesn’t matter.

Back to one layer, huh. Also, nice “translation”.

Needs more blur.

Just using \move for this is not good enough. Not sure why they didn’t use Mocha when they’ve used it plenty of times throughout the episode.

This is good.

Only one layer makes me sad 😦

What the fuck is this?

More blur, please.

These are good.

At least they tried.


Did someone else do these? Because, wow, they’re pretty fucking bad.

These are good.

The effect is awesome but the actual styling of the sign could be way better.

All good.

This part is fine but…

The font for “Thanks for the food.” is not the best.

I actually agree with Dark_Sage here. This is impossible to read.

This is fine.


Commie: A-. This is really close to an A but a few signs that could be improved and a few missing ones hurts a bit. Most signs are better than Tsumiki’s.

Tsumiki: B. This is also really close to a B+ but there are just too many signs that are poorly done (especially compared to the rest of their typesetting). Also, the 36 MB of fonts can really cause an issue of fonts that are needed not being loaded. Only a few signs are better done than Commie’s.

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11 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Acchi Kocchi (again)

  1. > The font for “Thanks for the food.” is not the best.

    But it’s exactly what it should be, a run of the mill Mincho with roughly the right weight.

    The only problem I see is that the first line of it should have had reduced horizontal scaling so there was adequate gap between the edge of the interior shape and the the right edge of the text.

    Don’t comment on things you have no idea about.

  2. > Stop projecting.
    >> Stop interfering, Brainfag. You added nothing of value as usual.


    See: http://arinashi.com/img/rrx3jwj7.png

    Really I can’t say much more than this. I have generic Mincho fonts which are probably closer, but this serves the purpose. This is pretty much just your run of the mill generic Mincho which they’ve used (and that are used extremely often by animators).

    The English glyphs of a Mincho are serif-based styled like this. You don’t even need to use a Japanese font tbh, an English Serif with similar features works just as well. It doesn’t have to look pretty, it just has to match the jewpanese typeface.

  3. ITT: Commie devs everywhere.

    Font choice is a subjective thing; herkz thinks our choice of font is better, __ar thinks Tsumiki’s is better, Yukiatsuruko is commenting about something that he actually has no idea about (an editor he is, a typesetter he is not), and…
    <unanimated> *yawn* all of you are boring with your arguing

    I guess receiving constructive criticism and differing viewpoints might be a bit too hard for people who think they’re Number One Fansubbers. (Not just the reviewers here, but 8thsin too.)

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