Hyouka 02 – notes and the like

Here I hoped we could release without trouble, but that was not meant to be. If you got the first release with the massive timing derp, then get the v2. There are also lots of signs in this episode that are close to impossible to typeset, so I’ll go on pointing them all out for you here.

Let’s start with this very first one. These are flags at a shrine. The whole Kamiyama is probably fictional, but it’s worth looking. The first few ones say 陣山稲荷神. I don’t know if there are characters off screen… If it’s just 陣山, then it may be the Jin’yama in Hiroshima prefecture – though that’s not Kamiyama city but Miyoshi. If there is a character missing, then it could be 御陣山 (gojin-yama), which is a historical heritage site in Saitama. 稲荷神 (inari-gami) is the god of harvest. The flags in the background say 商売繁昌 (shoubai-hanjou, flourishing business), 家内安全 (kanai-anzen, safety of one’s family), 交通… (koutsuu… kanji off screen, but it’s probably the same anzen as before, making it safe traffic).

Both the sign on the torii and the stone say 神山神社 (kamiyama-jinja, Kamiyama shrine).

It’s a Friday (金).

The text on screen is her letter, the same as read aloud. 前略 (zenryaku) is a word used in letters literally meaning “introduction omitted”, “formalities omitted”. It has no equivalent in English.

Snacks in the clubroom? I see where this is going.

Word for word, he doesn’t say “I don’t mind being around others”, but it’s implied. In English that implication didn’t really work.

Look, there was an earthquake in East Japan again! (No one cares.) As for these lines, it’s a admittedly a bad joke. In Japanese it goes…

「 それは二毛作です。」


‘This is fruitless.’
‘The kind you can plant twice a year?’
‘That’s a double crop.’

His joke is based on that both 不毛 (fumou) and 二毛作 (nimousaku) have 毛 (mou) in them. It’s really a bad pun. However, literally translated it makes no sense at all, so we replaced it with another pun of the same meaning that does. (Credit goes to the editor.)

Such a sarcastic bastard.

She keeps bringing up this “personal thing” (she said in the last episode that she joined the club for “personal reasons”). This is her way of saying “hi-mi-tsu!” I guess.

In Japanese, the word for “club”, 部活(動) (bukatsu(dou)) already has “activity” (活動 katsudou) in it.

The typesetter said the same thing when I translated minor signs.

He’s reading Sakaguchi Ango’s Discourse on Decadence (坂口安吾「堕落論」 darakuron). Yeah, the main work of the writer whose writings served as the basis of the Un-go anime. His works were mentioned just the other day in relation to the Un-go OVA, so I recognized him instantly. And ordered the book from Amazon.

The gray book’s cover says 大辞典 (daijiten, lit. great dictionary). Also, there was another earthquake, this time in the sea by Iwate.

She’s so high energy. (The earthquake wasn’t small either.)

Such a charming person.

Can it what? (A can of this.)

She’s so cold and sweet (the new show-conscious translation of tsundere).

The books are The Short Apple (ショート・リンゴ shooto ringo) by Hayashi Ringo (林りんご) (this might be a reference to writer Yoshimoto Banana or a media celeb), Let’s read long novels! (長編小説を読もう chouhen shousetsu wo yomou), earthquake alert, Q. Henry Short Story Collection 2 (Qヘンリー短編集(二) henrii tanpenshuu ni) (reference to O. Henry’s American Scenes) and Little Tibet (チベットちゃん chibetto-chan) (might be a reference to the Little Japan (ニホンちゃん nihon-chan) net novel).

He says she’s the club president.

He didn’t have much choice since Eru’d already decided it all.

Manga Lab, not Book Club. My mistake. I was led astray by the context. As a side note, other than the explanation Satoshi gives, “Kan’ya” can also mean “cold night” (寒夜).

Poor Houtarou.

愛無き愛読書 (ai-naki aidokusho, lit. loveless loved book).


I skimmed through the text of this page, but the only thing that might be relevant to the plot is that in 1972 a student died in a traffic accident.

Here we go again…

It was worth a try, though someone as sharp as him could foresee that it’s a futile attempt.

Rikka (立夏) is the seventh solar term.

Poor typesetter. The big blocks are the classes (second, third etc period) and breaks. The last few are “discussion”, “cleaning” and “afterschool”. The top row are the signs of the Chinese zodiac that correspond to that time. (Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey…) The bottom row are the start and end times for classes. The figure that comes and takes the book is the character for “someone” (某 soregashi). The signs around “someone” are “borrow” (借 kari(ru)), “return” (返 kae(su)) and “go home” (帰 kae(ru)).

This is the point where in an usual anime everyone would fall off their chairs.

This is why I love good editors.

The middle character means “book” (本 hon), the characters on the disc are the abbreviations of the days.

Touge Tarou: Slope (峠太郎「坂道」, sakamichi) (if this is a reference, I don’t know to what), The Mystery of Ancient Civilizations (古代文明の謎 kodai-bunmei no nazo) (this reminded me of Symphogear) and Liftball Boys (リフトボールボーイズ) (may be Softball Boys, it’s hard to tell with that font).

Not Fuku alone, “Fuku and I”.

Suddenly Acchi Kocchi.

I laughed so hard.

Why would  a normal high school student say stuff like 可処分 (kashobun, disposable)?

So evil.

Lunch break, break, break. The typesetter switched to Oreki mode.

2-D, 2-E, 2-F. Classes: PE, Music, Art, Calligraphy.


Why can’t I hold all this moe curiosity?

Yandere incoming.

My thoughts exactly.

Her sarcasm totally matches up with Satoshi. Couple approved.

So many personal things.

So alpha.

The ending is a bit boring for my tastes.

This episode was much easier than the first. Or maybe I just got used to it. Looking forward to the next one.

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15 thoughts on “Hyouka 02 – notes and the like

  1. so idk if this is the right place for this, but was it just me or was gg’s encode for ep2 utter shit? like pixelation and artifacts all over the place?

      • it was just me; i fixed it. gg doesn’t seem to know the difference between alumni and alumnus though. be sure to include that in the script review.

      • Yeah, I noticed that. (The alumni thing, not the encode)

        I don’t think we’ll be reviewing gg’s episode 2 because Yukiatsuruko never wants to watch Hyouka again and I don’t review shows that I’m working on myself. I think Dark_Sage might end up reviewing it over at whiners.pro though.

  2. I agree with Akame. Except I need to catch up on the first episode still. :C I think I decided to watch almost everything this season and that made me fall really behind.

    Is Oreki as annoying as he seems to be in these notes? Cause I feel like he needs to be smacked out of his indifference.

    • Not sure how increasing the font weight and border made it harder to read, but fortunately the show is softsubbed so you can override the dialogue style to whatever you like.

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