Translation review: [IB] Nazo no Kanojo X 02

The last (and slowest) entrant to the Mystery Race is IB. Back last summer when I was still green as a fresh leaf I competed with them for a few shows (Hen Zemi, Mayo Chiki) and they gave the impression of capable people. Let’s see how they dealt with all the drool.

I’m pretty sure that Yoko is her name. 横 (yoko) means “side”, so I know why they put “Right” but I don’t think it’s right.

The font and the color aren’t the best choices possible, but the translations is okay (though awkward at points).

“Are you sure?” Are you sure?

“Couple-like” is weird, but the idea is great.

This could’ve been handled without a note.

Joke lost, doesn’t make much sense this way.

No he didn’t. She did.

I like it how they handled his lines here.

No. “…but stuff came up and I’ve already watched it…”

Not the day, the drool is special.

I wouldn’t use nervous here.

This “be held responsible” is a really good idea, but the execution is quite poor. The grammar in this line gives me headaches.

The ending is all right too.

Conclusion: Great

Except for some editing derps and that mistranslation at Ueno’s line, it’s a fine release.

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