Script Review: [Mazui] Hyouka – 01 (2:34+)

At the request of Vale and after acquiring some new information, I’ll give Mazui more than two minutes of my time. Let’s see how they do, shall we?

r/a/ge level: 80/100. Mazui fan boys, your jimmies have been rustled. The subs suck, but they just can’t accept it.

Did I stumble upon Bizarro World or something? gg is the one with Japanese and English lyrics for the opening, while Mazui has romaji and English lyrics.

Mazui also used honorifics and Eastern/spoken name order.

Part one of my “review” still stands.

I’m sure he’s a hit with the ladies.

He shouldn’t have that hard of a time recognizing her if she were actually in one of his current classes. It’s more likely that this is past tense, and Mazui just fails.

I don’t expect these kinds of lines to stop any time soon. Why not “Just how good is her memory?”

Double “that” in such close proximity. Dame~

Also, “Are you saying I was locked in here?”

And again, being a slave to the Japanese results in terrible subs.

Maybe I was just an idiot back then, but I don’t remember them being this pathetically literal with Oreimo, Railgun, or Haganai.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop or anything.”

“Yeah you did.”

Wow, I may have spoken too soon about the shittiness with Mazui. They actually surprised me with this gem of a line. Calling the distinguished families the “rising powers” is probably the best translation out of the three releases for the nickname of the families. I’m not even being sarcastic!

Wait, no. I spoke too soon about speaking too soon. Increasing numbers doesn’t necessarily mean “rising power” and will likely be misinterpreted or ignored. They don’t explain the Chinese characters are increasing powers of ten, completely killing the meaning. You were so close, too, Mazui.

That’s a racist line. Rhetorical questions are questions, too!

Comma before or after the ending quotation mark. Whichever. When one translates into English, one should know the rules of the language.

This is where an editor (or anyone who’s fluent in English) would be handy. This line’s a mouthful otherwise. Mazui. “Holding scores” isn’t really correct for test scores either.

“Her mock exam scores were among the top in the prefecture, so I’ve seen her name around.”

Back to the drawing board, Mazui.

Nope. I mean… “Yep,” “Yeah,” “It is,” etc.

Again with the nonsensical responses. I have some suggestions, but please, feel free to come up with your own ideas if you think they are things people actually say.

“Oh really?” / “Yeah really.”

“Is it?” / “Indeed it is.”

“You will too, right?”

“I thought Oreki-san would be the perfect choice” or “I thought Oreki-san was the obvious choice.”

“You totally have the wrong impression of him.”

“Houtarou’s all about energy conservation.”

I’m getting tired of explaining how unnatural and stiff the dialogue is for Mazui.

So stupid. Why am I doing this? Oh right, integrity…

“You know, going green and stuff.” I have like a million more suggestions, but fuck it. That’s Mazui’s translator’s job.

“That’s exactly what a freshman/novice would think,” etc.

“I had a feeling she’d show up.”

I finally made it to this line, and I don’t care anymore. I just want out.

But… he didn’t disappoint her?

“Leading her on today might come back to bite you in the ass!” or something.

Quotes and ending punctuation, please.

What I liked:

The second half was mostly understandable compared to the first.

+ Second half was okay

+ The “rising powers” nickname was genius

What I didn’t like:

Almost everything. Unnatural English, grammatical mistakes everywhere, etc. Taking a screenshot of everything wouldn’t be worth the effort. It isn’t my job to edit every release I review. With Commie and gg as your alternatives, there’s no reason to subject yourself to Mazui’s terrible release. I would try to argue that honorifics aren’t worth the headache of unraveling these shitsubs, but some of you would still disagree with me for whatever stupid reason you have.

– The intro is still shitty

– First half sucks

– Unnatural English

– Mistakes everywhere with grammar, punctuation

Overall Grade: 2 mysteries solved… out of 5.

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