Script Review: [gg] Hyouka – 01 (Updated)

With Mazui being Mazui and Commie being shit, surely our Lords and Saviors at gg have come to save us all with quality Hyouka subs… right?

Deep… or was it derp?

r/a/ge level: 40/100. LIBERALSHIT AND LOCALIZATION will be the most likely complaints against gg regardless of the veracity of such claims.

No honorifics. Western name order (I think). Transcribed Japanese and English lyrics – very kawaii styling.


Okay, let’s pretend for a second that I don’t think this is the most retarded translation known to dolphins. Changing “you’d” to “you might” definitely alters the meaning of the sentence, but it affords some leeway for the subs. Someone could read the line and think, “Oh, yeah, I guess I can see how someone might think that,” as opposed to immediately dismissing it because you tried to group the viewer with some stupid-ass way of thinking. (inb4 stupid ass-way of thinking)

“… color gray” IMO. Or “leading a normal life.” You don’t have to be a slave to the Japanese.

“Police combat technique” sounds weird. Should be “techniques,” “tactics,” or whatever.

+the. Considering gg has “the” preceding the phrase later and even if GAC is being treated like a person, it should be here as well.

I still love the line, though. It really reflects the playfulness of Fukube.

Commie chose to go with low and high energy, whereas gg went with energy conversation. I actually like the energy conservation bit a little more because it’s probably easier and more natural when fitting it into a conversation. Some lines could’ve been tweaked, but I very much enjoyed gg’s interpretation of Houtarou’s lifestyle choice. The second line is also pretty funny.

It’ll > will it.

“You mentioned that was mystery number two out of seven, so what about mystery number one?”

Having “one too” like that doesn’t add (lolmathjoke) to an already stilted line.

This is like the worst way you could phrase it.

Instead, “Okay, then. I’ll tell you (about) the story of the secret club.”

“Must exist” isn’t right. How about “definitely exist” or simply “exist”?


Is that seriously so hard, or am I raping the sacred Japanese language? Oh wait, no. gg is using it on and off throughout. Be consistent, please.

I know a committee can be one person, but that isn’t a normal occurrence. Rather, when I think of a committee, I think of a group of people appointed to do some task. So is she a member of the executive committee, the entire executive committee, a trustee, or someone to whom another’s estate is committed?

“We” could stand to be capitalized, but I can accept this as a stylistic choice.


Accidentally a word.

Lose the comma.

At least it ended on a good note. Kudos to gg for actually having ending punctuation and having quotes around the episode title.

What I liked:

The dialogue was great, save for a few hiccups. Like Commie’s release, the characters switched back and forth between verbosity when telling their stories and casual language when appropriate. gg may have released late this week, but if they release earlier next week, you’re in a hurry, and you have an irrational hatred for Commie, you may safely download their release without damaging your brain.

+ Generally great dialogue

+ Fukube is awesome as usual

+ The energy conservation theme will probably go places

+ Not Commie

+ Most definitely (and thankfully) not Mazui

What I didn’t like:

Maybe I’ve cooled off since last night, but the color analogy, while shit, didn’t really weigh so much on the final score. Then again, gg also didn’t have some stupid shit about an inferiority complex. How’s that translator who has read the novels working out, Mazui? Oh right, this is supposed to be about gg…

The minor mistakes everywhere really added up, which is a shame. Maybe it’s the curse of Hyouka. Commie had a similar problem with punctuation. While general flow and understandability are the main criteria in my judgments, I can’t just ignore so many mistakes. This release could use some QC or at least a second/third read-through. Down arrow on Aegisub is your friend.

– Lots of minor mistakes add up

– Several subpar lines (For a more in-depth look, check this out.)

Overall Grade: 3 starry eyes… out of 5.

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