Script Review: [Mazui] Hyouka – 01

Mazui lives up to its name.

MFW watching this release.

r/a/ge level: 10/100. Mazui’s name may mean unpalatable, but /a/ eats up their subs like hotcakes.

Honorifics present. I didn’t get to the ending to find out any more information. Sorry.

No. Just no. That is not the first thing that comes to mind. This is like trying to use both definitions/uses of rose-colored at the same time. Is high school life nostalgic, cheery, promising, or what? It does not lead into the next line at all. The line essentially forces the viewer to either completely ignore the lines because they’re nonsensical (bad) or guess their own meaning for it (also bad).

Once again, the problem with using one definition of the word and an idiomatic one. Rose-colored is like nostalgic, but how does it make sense that new high school students want a “nostalgic” experience, or is it promising? How about “Nevertheless, I’m sure some students don’t want to think of high school as the peak of their lives”? Or “Nevertheless, I doubt all students think so highly of their high school days.”

These two lines also just sound so fucking stupid. A gray life? See, if you went with actual English, this line could’ve been like “a normal life” or something. Or “Surely some students just want to go through school on cruise control”?

“Though” + a comma is the least of this line’s problems. This translation so far has been such a clusterfuck that if I were the one editing this, I’d have to ask for a TLC every line.

No, I did not jumble these screenshots up. First of all, inferiority complex is stupid and doesn’t make sense here. Second… Uh… Everything after is just idiotic drivel.

This is where things sort of start to make sense, but each line would have to be heavily reworded to even resemble natural English.

And again, no. This makes no sense.

And… that’s the first 90 seconds of Mazui’s release. It’s bad. I’m not going to point out every problem in every screenshot. If you aren’t an idiot, you should be able to see for yourself. … is what I want to say, but some people think I should elaborate.

2:34. I give up. Oh, right. I guess people don’t know what’s wrong if I don’t explicitly state the problem. “Club” should be capitalized.

What I liked:


What I didn’t like:

Everything… or almost everything. Okay, some stuff made sense, but seriously, do not watch this release if you actually want to understand what’s going on. Maybe, like, if you don’t care that the characters all sound brain-dead, then you can watch this release without feeling dumber.

If you actually think this release is acceptable, I really wish I could hate you to death. Hadena releases make more sense than this.

– The characters are mostly incomprehensible

– Worse than Hadena

– Worse than SubDESU

– Worse than Doki

Overall Grade: The very first 1… out of 5.

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29 thoughts on “Script Review: [Mazui] Hyouka – 01

  1. How the fuck can you honestly say that this release is bad? Clearly you are being entirely subjective on your definitions. You are a fucking terrible reviewer, holy fucking shit.

  2. This site is almost entirely run by Commie devs. Take a wild fucking guess at which subs they’re gonna hawk.
    Weird as it is, I guess I’m waiting for gg, seeing as Mazui can’t fucking edit and Commie edits too fucking much and uses the worst encoding in the world.

  3. The guy reviews his own version in the next post. I’m guessing this is just parody site and I overreacted, I feel silly now.

  4. I watched the first part (up to the opening) for both commie and Mazui. Mazui’s made no sense. Commie’s was decent. Commie was clearly better. These screens prove it.

    Can I be a Commie dev now?

  5. Now, now, herkz. Remember to look out for your blood pressure! All that mindless ranting and raving does no good to your health.

    As I’ve now done all the necessary health precautions, I can finally move on to my point. Now, I do remember that this is the Internet and most people here act disrespectful towards other people but I feel obliged to point out that calling a jovial commentor here an Asperger’s patient is nowhere near quality replying, mind you.

    I reckon you want to come up as a much wiser and sophisticated fellow Internet user, but acting hostile towards someone who’s clearly here just to play with you lot won’t do it. You really came a cropper here, lad.

      • Aww, little herkz. You’re so adorable with your first-grader insults. You’re making Daddy cry tears of joy here. In all seriousness, I was expecting something better.

        Well, then. Following your logic, I daresay you’re an Asperger’s patient, too. All your actions and lousy arguments back up my statement. After all, Asperger’s patients are known for their weak social skills.

        Maybe I was over-estimating your abilities. I humbly apologise for that.

  6. herkz, my darling! Since when have the Asperger’s patients written walls of text? As I said, they usually have weak social skills, and hence troubles expressing themselves. Whereas you sport some kind of ludicrous “logic” here — probably caused by your latent Asperger’s.

    As you undoubtedly have some problems comprehending written text, I’ll make it simple; why would you compromise your image as a critic by making gormless remarks?

    Admittedly your focus here is to criticise other people’s typesetting work to make people better typesetters. The way you’re acting now makes you seem quite immature, so why would anyone take you seriously?

    Oh, and writing walls of text is no problem for me, unlike for a certain unnamed dweller of the Data Ocean.

    • I don’t see how me mocking you and other buttmad blog readers has anything to do with my reviews. Try to stay on topic, please.

      • herkz, long time no see! First of all, I think I’m staying on topic here. How about you? I recall asking you a question. Perhaps you don’t know how to answer it? Perhaps you are just another sad person yelling moronic comments with no basis? Even if I accidentally went off-topic, what is stopping you from answering my question?

        And, umm, yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with your reviews itself but with you as a human being and your image as a critic. No-one’s going to take you seriously if you keep acting like an ass, mind you. Hard to comprehend? I guess. I daresay this is pretty much basic psychology.

        • People don’t need to take me seriously because typesetting is pretty objective (relative to the other kinds of reviews we do). I’m gonna guess you’re a person who I gave a low grade. Too bad you have to hide behind a fake name!

  7. To save your little head from thinking about clever comebacks, and because I’m a little too tired, let’s call it quits.

    Thanks you for brightening up my dull Monday night, though you were not as interesting as I’d anticipated. Just a generic flamer whom you can find on RuneScape forums.

    Oh, well. At least I can cross out “Try to conversate with a flamer” off my todo list.

    Have a fine night.

  8. Yeah a lot of the lines make no sense out of context and not much more in context but you would have to be completely retarded to not understand what is going on in the episode. Giving it a score of Unwatchable and comparing it to Hadena or Doki is exceedingly harsh.

    • That’s pretty presumptuous. After reading 8thSin’s review for Dusk Maiden, I gave Hadena another shot, and they weren’t that bad for episode 2.

      But don’t worry. I have part deux of Mazui’s review coming up.

      Oh, and a score of 1/5 doesn’t mean “unwatchable.” It simply means the viewer has to put in effort to understand the subs, which isn’t a good thing.

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