Script Review: [GotSpeed] Nazo no Kanojo X – 01

GotSpeed was the second group to release the first episode but has half the downloads as SubDESU. Why, leechers? Why?

You tell 'em.

r/a/ge level: 10/100. Everyone loves speedsubs! Especially when they include honorifics! Yay!

Honorifics present. Romaji and English lyrics for the ending. I assume they’ll have the same for the opening.

“We’re classmates from now on!”

That was hard. The original is just so weird to read. I know what they’re trying to say but kind of not at the same time. GotSpeed should really hire an editor, unless they save that for the GotWoot release? I don’t know.

“Completely” IMO. Or like, “You’re absolutely right.”


“His cold hasn’t gotten any better” … or something.

Why would a teacher say this? Was this some really, really lame attempt at being liberal? Apparently, making things natural English is harder than it seems, folks.

And normally, I’d say “hell” should be capitalized when referring to the “place,” but I’m more or less indifferent toward that kind of stuff now. As long as it’s consistent or makes sense, I couldn’t care less. Subs that flow like Urabe’s drool are what I’m looking for.

Using “approach” from the Japanese was not the correct choice here. Ignoring the obvious Engrish and translating the intention and true meaning of the lines would really liven the conversation and give it some more emotional impact.

The show title should be italicized, and the episode title should be in quotes.

What I liked:

The characters generally sounded fine and the dialogue appropriate. I haven’t seen SubDESU yet, but GotSpeed is a pretty strong contender for Mysterious Girlfriend X if you want a mix of speed and quality. Some of the lines were actually better than Crunchyroll, like when Urabe calls out what’s-his-face for being too “conventional.” But I suppose anything’s better than “commonplace.”

I was pleasantly surprised by how well the release turned out. It really only needs light editing to check for natural-sounding English.

+ Good dialogue overall

What I didn’t like:

There were a few lines I didn’t care for, but the quality of the release was still definitely above average. Sure, they were weird, but nothing absolutely jarring cropped up.

– Couple less than ideal lines

– Could use an actual editor

Overall Grade: 4 colds from hell… out of 5.

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