Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Tsuritama – 01

A show about fishing? That sounds really exciting.


r/a/ge level: 10/100. They may be prosubs, but they keep in those oh-so-important honorifics that are completely untranslatable, thereby retaining the nuance of the sacred Japanese language.

Honorifics are in the script. No OP/ED translations. As expected of Crunchyroll.

What a loser.


Oh, right. Symbolism.

My thoughts exactly. The art direction in this show is pretty… pretty. I’m eight minutes in, and there isn’t much dialogue in the first place, so… yeah. I guess I’ll just spend the rest of my time blogging about the show.

A duck at the table? Japan, you crazy!

Okay, at first, this guy’s lack of social skills annoyed me, but this scene is pretty funny. He says, “Nice to meet you,” in a really high pitched voice, like his voice cracked or something. Cue the resulting rumination.

Oh wait… I spoke too soon. A few seconds later, it goes back to being awkward humor.

I think this is a show most of /a/ would really get. The main character has trouble speaking his mind and is very much socially awkward. It’s not that he’s a slow thinker, but rather he overanalyzes everything and trips himself up similar to Shiori from The World God Only Knows. Who would’ve thought an anime would handle something like this so well?

This chant makes no sense.

I’m guessing cool guy here is referring to hannya masks, which represent a jealous female demon or serpent. It’s also a jab at the main character’s weird reaction faces.

Sixteen minutes before I finally find a line to complain about. I’m sure this is supposed to speak to cool guy’s skills, but I’m not sure how to rewrite this without context. Like, is there some high school fishing competition and he’s made it to nationals? Is he nationally recognized? Is he competitive with “national-level”/professional fishers? I don’t know, but something should’ve been done to make this line more natural or actually have it make sense.


Metaphors and symbols and shit.

“Anymore” is American English, and it’s primarily used to mean “any longer.” A quick check is to replace “anymore” with “any longer.” If the sentence still makes sense, then you’re all good. Otherwise, use “any more.”

British English enthusiasts will insist anymore isn’t a real word, but that doesn’t matter because America es number one. Huehuehuehue.

What I liked:

Crunchyroll is on a roll! (No pun intended.) The characters were pretty natural from what I saw. Yuki’s internal monologue was probably what I liked most about the episode. He honestly sounded conflicted, and the lines really matched up with his voice.

I heard Commie did something about Haru’s sister’s accent while WhyNot didn’t, so if you don’t mind waiting for subs that even better reflect the nature of the characters, you should probably grab their release. Otherwise, CR/HS is a fine option. As it stands, CR’s release was excellent, so I’m not even sure if I want to review the other releases.

+ Good dialogue

+ Excellent monologue

+ No mistakes that I noticed

What I didn’t like:

The show. The episode was okay, but it’s not really my type of show. In terms of the actual script, the one line I pointed out was the only bad one of the bunch. I couldn’t find the chant on Google, so not translating it isn’t a big deal.

– One line

Overall Grade: 5 awkward introductions… out of 5.

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