Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Mysterious Girlfriend X – 01

I wanted to put off watching this show for as long as I could, but my brother convinced me to watch it. It’s actually awesome.

Lick it.

r/a/ge level: 20/100. There will surely be some arguments on /a/ on the art style of the show itself. I’m not sure about the reaction to the subs because Crunchyroll’s translator chose to leave in honorifics.

Honorifics are in the script. No opening or ending translations.

I almost want to note how retarded it is to respond with “Yes” to the teacher’s information, but this girl is so weird that I suppose it’s okay. Oh, I just did.

What’s wrong with “Okay”?


That’s one way to show math being done in the subs. Pretty easy to read, too.

Maxima and minima should be maximum and minimum instead. Maxima and minima are plural.

So like… the titular Mysterious Girlfriend X is laughing fit in the middle of class…

Crunchyroll being arbitrary as fuck with italics.

For real.

As you may or may not know, I’m not a huge fan of using the contraction for “I” and “had.”

I really like the use of “teach” as a generic for “sensei,” although it doesn’t really make sense why CR doesn’t use “sensei” itself when they already leave in honorifics. Come on, guys.

“They” should be “she,” but it’s suppose to add to the suspense when he calls out his friend’s name, so whatever.


What an un-commonplace phrase.

“No, that’s what everyone does,” “No, it has to be original,” “No, try harder,” etc.

This whole time they’ve been saying “approach” in a super Engrish way, and I appreciate the translator for getting the intention of the characters across. This is one of those lines that really work.

Sex > sexual.

First of all, double colons are dumb. Second, the show title should be italicized, and the episode title should be in quotes.

What I liked:

The dialogue was surprisingly good for Crunchyroll. Or maybe not, judging from the recent reviews.

+ Good dialogue

+ And I’m out of stuff to say

What I didn’t like:

– Minor mistakes

– One weird line

Overall Grade: 4 fingers covered in drool… out of 5.

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