Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Medaka Box – 01

Finally, let’s see how the professionals did on Medaka Box.

r/a/ge level: 20/100. Though /a/ aren’t a fan of Crunchyroll and/or HorribleSubs, they seem to have warmed up to them a bit recently. Honorifics, Japanese name order, ‘first-year’ used over ‘freshman’ or whatever (though they also use “sixth grade”, which is a bit odd), names of the kendo moves are translated but ‘Tsundere’ is not. No lyrics during the OP/ED, since it’s from Crunchyroll.

I really like how this was phrased compared to the other two releases I’ve watched so far. It’s the first time the line really made sense to me.

Though it’s a bit wordy, I like how they made it a list of specific problems instead of just a list of areas you could have problems in. Makes it feel a lot more natural. I also find it pretty funny that Crunchyroll actually did a better job typesetting this scene than any of the fansub groups.


I’d probably go with “And with 98% of the vote, too!” for extra emphasis. Alternatively, since the next line is “She came in first by a landslide!” you could also link the lines together with a comma.

This is a fantastic line. Kudos.

I was going to call this line out for inconsistency for using “sixth grade” when “first-year’ was used before, but now that I think of it this is actually a pretty good way to refer to grade school without actually having to say “the sixth year of grade school”.

The first comma shouldn’t be there.


This is also good stuff and probably the first time I felt like I actually understood what was going on in this scene.

Kinda awkward. “You don’t want to lose your temper, my fellow classmate” or something similar to that would work a bit better I think.


Anyway, that about wraps it up. Beyond the minor things mentioned above, there’s really not much here I’d change, and quite a lot that’s better than anything I could come up with.

What I liked: Nearly everything. The phrasing is pretty good throughout and several of the lines are stand-out excellent. It also does a great job of being funny when it needs to. CR have really stepped up their game this season because this is really good and I’d highly recommend watching this over any of the currently available fansubs (unless one of the other groups starts using CR’s script with better typesetting etc.)

What I didn’t like: As mentioned above, there were a few minor errors. Nothing particularly important, though.

Overall Grade: 5/5

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