Script Review: [Hadena] Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 02

8thSin claims Hadena has better flow than Crunchyroll, WhyNot, UTW-UW, and Commie. Let us all take this moment to laugh at him.

Cool ghostory, bro.

r/a/ge level: 60/100. /a/ is slowly starting to realize Hadena’s shittiness.

English lyrics and romaji with k-timed effects for the opening and ending. Honorifics in the script and a TL note… for hide and seek.

A thing > anything, IMO. The first two lines could be improved, but I’m running low on blood sugar and can’t think.

“You got …”

Point and laugh at Hadena, everyone. “… here of all places” isn’t the greatest phrasing either.

I’d probably say, “The way you say that makes it sound like you come here a lot.”

It’s not common to see “though” + comma. “Although” + comma is more common, or maybe “Even so, …” Removing the comma is acceptable, too.

I’d sniff Yuuko’s farts. But seriously… “Are you calling me old?” or something.

This makes it sound like he’s friend-zoning her instead of asking how to keep her from disappearing and enjoying their time together. There’s no need to beat around the bush when it’s obvious what he’s talking about.

“So, how can we keep you from disappearing?”

“Possessed” would be the better word choice.

Oh, look. They actually use it later. Fantastic.

No duh.

I love it!


That TL note was totally necessary. Also, I liked Commie’s “hide-and-ghost-seek” better.

No comma, please.

What a mouthful. Good consistency, too.

(Hint: Look at the poster versus the dialogue.)

I just noticed that the “editor” of this release started switching from “!?” to “?!” before going back again. What the hell?

You’re > Your.

Once again, point and laugh at Hadena, everyone.

What I liked:

I made a pledge to myself earlier to never watch Hadena releases ever again because I’d probably just end up with a folder with screenshots of every line of dialogue showing something wrong with Hadena. However, after seeing 8thSin’s evaluation of Hadena, I decided to give them another shot. They aren’t exactly “A-“ flow like 8thSin says, but it seems like they actually coaxed (or did they coerce?) an actual editor to work on this release. I figured all their releases would be 2/5 quality, but maybe not anymore. We’ll have to see if I continue reviewing them.

This probably the most watchable Hadena release yet. I actually liked the part where Okonogi walks in on Teiichi, and he’s like, “This isn’t what it looks like!”

+ Occasionally good lines

+ Surprisingly understandable

What I didn’t like:

Hadena’s use of commas is pretty bad, and there were so many problems that I didn’t feel like taking a screenshot of everything. The dialogue was mostly okay, but there were errors everywhere and plenty of room for improvement. The good definitely does not even come close to making up for the bad.

– Hilarious derps

– Awkward or redundant phrasing

– Not the A- I expected

Overall Grade: 3 urban legends… out of 5.

8thSin Status: So wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Script Review: [Hadena] Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 02

  1. It seems you’ve mistaken “flow” for grammar and spelling, because that’s not what it is. Only the third screen “The way you say that makes it sound like you come here a lot.” is a real flow issue.

    Hadena still has the weakest release out of all groups.

    • Actually, I read your definition of flow, and in no way does Hadena’s read more smoothly than crunchyroll/commie. I don’t know about UTW-UW since I didn’t watch their episode 2. I will admit they had some good lines like “This isn’t what it looks like!” but mistakes and ambiguous lines do not make up for it. Maybe I’ll post more examples when I get home, now that I’m not so tired.

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