Translation review: [WhyNot] Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan 01


The opening translation is nic— and then come these two lines that are just so wrong that it makes me laugh. On the other hand, the translation is really poetic. Except for the misinterpretations, this is how songs should be translated.

Past tense feels weird. This tense inconsistency goes on for the entire scene.

This is mistranslated. They say that they almost felt disheartened (because each of them thought she’s the only one awake, alone in the morning), but then they were surprised as they all jumped out of bed at the same time. Of course the translation for Rick’s reaction doesn’t make any sense like this either.

Shining? I don’t even.

This line feels impossibly awkward.

I don’t even.

This is really good.

This is good too. Also WhyNot chose to write “sylph” as “silf”. I don’t know why…

Spirit keeper is just the right phrase.


Conclusion: Okay

There are some problems with script accuracy, but at least the English is all right and it flows well. I don’t work on this show, but I’ll find someone to check the translation from the next episode. Without the translations mistakes, this has a chance to go to great level.

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