Translation review: [HorribleSubs] Medaka Box 01

I didn’t expect anyone to translate the school’s name. It’s a good idea, considering the plot.

The quality of song translations in simulcasts always amazes me. Just look at it, it’s simply amaz—

I laughed.

This is how it’s done.

It must be really difficult for him to call her Medaka-chan.

Is this supposed to be liberal? Because if so, it’s way off. Well, it’s way off anyway. (Can you even imagine anything going wrong with Medaka involved?)

Too liberal for me. “That’s no magic, just a simple technique.”

I… I guess that’s one way to interpret it.

Why would you even.

I honestly wish I could come up with stuff like that.

Horrible sentence structure, terrible timing.

I just imagined her shouting “potus”.

Conclusion: Great

I hesitated for a moment, because there are a bunch of derps (over- or misinterpretations, too liberal stuff) in the script, but the jokes are funny and that’s what matters the most.

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