Translation review: [FFFine] Medaka Box 01

The opening translation is awkward here and there but I guess you can say it’s just poetic.

Lowlifes? What the hell am I even reading? (Can you spot the other mistake on the picture?)

I think fansubbers have some grudge against working. At least everyone seems to leave “work” out of this sentence. In the second half of the same sentence, it might be plot-significant to keep the mention of the suggestion box…

I’ll try to levitate and give a speech above people.

Cool editing there bro. I guess the inseparability of fansubs and awkward lines can be considered a law of the universe.

I might consider ripping off her clothes. I doubt she would.

Not really.

I like how they tried to get his style across in English.

She¬†does have the right…

I doubt that even Medaka would be capable of proving (by force) that this release is all right.

I like this “is your brain busted” thing.

The point is that they fail even though they try. Just like FFFine.

You do realize she never once (this case included) called Medaka by her name? When it comes to shows like this, you should consider that it might be significant.

I find it fascinating that they turned the previous line into a question just to fit this sentence.

The only time when “lowlifes” actually fits.

I laughed.

Please do elaborate on those negative parts. Since Zenkichi doesn’t mention that. If you’re going this far, could mention “absolute fairies” as well.

Well this release is surely below everyone’s expectations as well. (Mistranslation.)

I laughed at this exchange.

Unlike the opening, the ending is clearly a mess. Even lines that are clearly audible (some parts have dialog over them) are totally wrong.

Conclusion: Avoid

The translation isn’t horrible. There are many inaccuracies, but that’s the least of the problems. This release is simply not enjoyable (except for a few well placed, funny lines). Sad but true. I wonder if they’ll do a better job with editing CR’s script from episode two on…

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