Translation review: [Ahodomo] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 01

This is a good start.

This is okay. I’m just not sure if they realize that “Crawling Chaos” is her title.

The most important part of the show is there all right.

There are so many words possible that would fit ages better than “coward”… If you mishear stuff, at least try to make sense! To put it short: the lyrics translation is totally off so much it made me laugh.

I see. Earth is excited. Okay. Sure. (Nope.)

“In a jiffy.” I like that.

“By that logic”? Why would you put that?

How the hell can you even misread “grades” (成績 seiseki) for “personality” (性格 seikaku)?

The idea is really good.

I was under the impression that that’s her nickname.

“Good age”?

He must be asking which part of the chicken. Definitely. Since he already said it’s chicken. It must be the tongue or something.

This part must have been missing from the simulcast, because it’s completely wrong.

Where does this “defense” thing come from?

The ending translation is really impressing as well. (Not.)

Conclusion: Avoid

I don’t even. The lyrics translations are bad, and there are plenty of fuckups in the script. I even started doubting that it’s a simulcast edit…

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