Translation review: [GotSpeed] Nazo no Kanojo X 02

I have no idea why the names aren’t typeset. I sure translated them.

The opening is okay.

Wasn’t “lick” good enough?

I took some liberties with the dialogues of these two. I think it works quite well. (And gets through the teenager feel.)

“… or painting.” I don’t know why I missed that. Call it CSM.

It isn’t easy to find words that sound like “panties” and “scissors” and have anything to do with baking bread. This is good enough.

Needs more blu— Oh wait, that’s not my field.

He’s in the relationship, his problem isn’t how it looks.

This whole drool thing (and especially the sounds) is still very disgusting.


This works too.

Conclusion: Great

There are only a few minor mistakes in the translation, and the editing makes this flow really well.

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3 thoughts on “Translation review: [GotSpeed] Nazo no Kanojo X 02

  1. Nice job, like most weeks. 🙂

    For as strange of a setup as the drool bit comes across, I really do like this series. It feels pretty honest. If that makes much sense. And I’m also really curious about Urabe, since she’s… interesting.

    Oh, and thoughts of reading others memories by their saliva is pretty damn funny.

  2. > Lick vs swallow

    I decided on “swallow” because he doesn’t actually “lick” her drool, he sucks it off her finger. Writing “I suck drool off her finger” is pretty ugly, so I went with swallow because it more accurately describes his action.

    btw having to log into WP to post here sux 😦

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