Translation review: [Commie] Acchi Kocchi 01


The opening is hard to read for some lines and it doesn’t have the Japanese, but the translation is good.

She would just put it in her bag I guess.

They at least got the grammar right, but the meaning is off.

More like “impressive”.

I guess I don’t play enough RPG’s to get the joke without looking stuff up. The sword part makes it a clear RPG reference though, that’s good.

I guess “French” and “freaks” works as well.

Finally someone who didn’t make this line “no”.

You could just use “spoil” and make it sound less retarded. Also, that masking.


This is quite liberal, but it rhymes, fits and is funny.

Very good.

I see what you did there. (It’s really better this way.)

This line is okay, but I really miss the “war” / “battlefield”.

The “win” doesn’t make sense without the battlefield thing on that earlier line.

Misinterpreted. She says there’s no need for him to brace himself for it so much.

There’s a mistake on this line.

This. Finally.

Commie is tsun for tsundere. I can see /a/ raging about this for years, but it’s actually quite well executed.

They subbed it! Yeah! (Though they missed one “He picked her up!”)

That effect on “squeeze” was so fitting. The lyrics translation is good as well.


Conclusion: Great

I find it hilarious that both Tsumiki and Commie fucked up the same two lines, while Hadena got them right. I guess it happens when you actually edit. Other than that and a few typos though, this script is really good. It flows well and most of the jokes are funny. (I guess expecting anyone to actually get Mayoi’s weird way of talking through in English is too much.)

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