Translation review: [Tsumiki] Acchi Kocchi 01


Made me smirk. The opening is ktimed and the translation is nice.

(Note: they didn’t bother with her dialect.)

Misinterpreted. I didn’t even realize at first, but at second glance…

Yeah, this scene was funny.

This is the same reference that popped up in Nyarlko as well. I still don’t know how it’s supposed to be handled, and I can’t bother to research it either.

I don’t get the joke.

Pronounce it, and it gets funny.

At least split the lines by syllables. (Ku-sa-tsu.) (Though just rotating the text could do it as well…)


Joke lost.

テヘペロ (tehepero) is a Japanese media meme. It’s the kind of thing where weeaboos would go on for hours claiming that it can’t be translated. Sure takes some effort. (Tee-hee isn’t a bad choice.)

“Really” isn’t funny. “Oh really?!” or “Captain obvious!” would be.

Um, what?

… night?

There’re only a few things that I consider wrong when it comes to contractions. “There’re” is one of them.

Joke lost.

You mean “anything”.

That’s one way to do it I guess.

You could’ve just kept their lines going, since they’re repeating them anyway and Io comments on that.

I don’t even.

Does that look like “piggyback” to you? (Also that é.)

Conclusion: Okay

There are some problems with script accuracy (the show has captions, so ideally there shouldn’t be any), and except for a few really great lines, jokes get lost all along the way. For a comedy anime like this, you need to put in way more effort. (Also pretty much all typeset rotations are off.)

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