Translation review: [Eveyuu] Sankarea 02

Eveyuu released really late last week and re-used the AniBlaze script, so I wanted to see how they handle episode 2.


This is good.

This could be phrased so much better.

This doesn’t express how afraid she is of him.

This is a literal translation, but if you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. Getting lost in the mountains or slipping on the riverbank isn’t something that you do willingly.

“Get into trouble” isn’t the right phrase here.

This doesn’t express that she feels that he’s taking people away from her.

I think the idiom is “at their wits’ end”, but that doesn’t matter, since it doesn’t mean what she’s saying.

I think this is misinterpreted. She means she’d never seen her parents act like that before.

This is very weird coming from the father.

It’s really nice that they typeset that sign, but “No Trespassing Allowed” made me laugh.

Conclusion: Okay

I had a hard time with this one. They released much faster than last week, but the editing is nowhere as good as for episode one (it’s a lot more literal and nowhere as much fun) and there are plenty of derps as well. I really wanted to say that it’s great

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11 thoughts on “Translation review: [Eveyuu] Sankarea 02

  1. The editing was definitely more conservative this week, and deliberately so. I don’t think any less time was spent on the script compared to episode 1; might have been more time, even. For most non-trivial edits I left a comment and an explanation instead of just changing the line, and let Rekyu have final say. I know you’re not a fan of more so-called “literal” translation, but I think Rekyu should develop his own style. I’m just TLC. I’m not going to force his script to sound like me.

    Though I agree that friend girl’s line sounds wrong. I was a bit confused when I got to that line, and I probably should have thought it over in more detail before moving on.

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